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Plastic Farm Nursery Starter Trays Manufacturers

Our family grows flowers in pots(nursery plant pots). After raising a period of time, the pots will have no nutrients, and will become smaller and smaller. It feels that the flowers are full inside, and we have to change the pots. Raise a period of time, one year or two years later, its roots are full, perhaps after there is no nutrients in the pots, it will not develop, perhaps the leaves are gradually yellowing(20 cell plug trays supplier), this time is going to give It changed pots.(plastic farm nursery starter trays manufacturers)

Change the basin to change the basin according to the fleshy way(50 cell plant trays bulk). Now let Xiao Qi "hands-on" teach you to change basins and change soil. We removed all the original pots and then checked whether the roots had dried roots, dried roots and rotten roots were completely trimmed, and the capillary roots were properly removed. The main roots could give it a short cut(large black plastic plant pots). Then put the trimmed roots in a cool, windy place to dry.

(plastic farm nursery starter trays manufacturers)Let the wound completely have a boring process(72 cell seed trays wholesale), the bottom wound is completely dry for about two or three days, and then we will plant it with soil. The desert rose has a large root, which requires us to loosen and breathe. If there is a siltation, its roots will inevitably be bad(6 cell plant trays). The roots are rotten in the mud, and we find that not real-time, it will cause all the plants to completely rot and die.

Watering is not easy to show siltation, indoor ventilation is not good, and it is not easy to present rotten roots(50 cell seed trays wholesale). Granular soil can use volcanic rock, it can also use cinder, and the other half can be used with nutritious soil. It is possible to use humus soil and grass charcoal(wholesale succulent pots). According to what soil you have on hand, choose half of the granular soil, half of the nutritious soil, so there is no problem in changing the desert rose with soil.

So because the wound has dried up, we can indirectly water it after planting it(seed planting trays wholesale). At the moment of watering, add a little rooting solution to promote its roots to quickly germinate new capillary roots in moist soil. Put it in a cool, windy place and stick to the wind. It is necessary to adhere to a good ventilation(small succulent pots bulk). After about a week, it can gradually develop and the roots can grow slowly.(plastic farm nursery starter trays manufacturers)

So, at this moment, we gradually add light to it, and it resumes development and blossoms(18 cell plug trays supplier). It is not troublesome to change the desert rose. The key is that the soil must be loose and breathable. It is necessary to give it roots and roots. After these two are completed, it is very simple to change the basin for the desert rose. It is not easy to present a bad situation(nursery flower pots). After the replacement, it can quickly recover and develop rapidly. It will soon be able to come out and flower to bloom.

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