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Many people ask what kind of fertilizer is applied to the rose to make it grow strong(sureroot plug trays bulk). When the temperature is over 30 ℃, the rose will not grow well and blossom less. Some people think that it's not enough to apply more fertilizer, but it's bad. In midsummer, the rose is generally not topdressing(4.92inch plastic plant pots). This paper introduces in detail what kind of fertilizer is applied to the growth of rose flowers. It is suitable for 25% in summer and 12.5% in winter.

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It is better to mix 1 / 4 of rice husk ash or a little fava bean shell, bean cake or chicken and pigeon manure(gallon pot), so that the rose can continuously absorb various nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium from the soil. If the old potted rose needs to be replaced, it can also be used as the base fertilizer according to the above method(5.12inch plastic plant pots); if not, it can be used as the base fertilizer by raking away 2-3cm of soil surface and blocking in some fresh fish intestines or chicken and pigeon dung, bean cake crumbs, etc.

(plastic five gallon nursery pots wholesale supplier)In this way, with the infiltration of rainwater or water into the roots, good results are achieved(large plastic terracotta pots). The fish smell juice and vegetable leaf juice can be mixed and applied in the proportion of 3 parts of fertilizer and 7 parts of water, and the fertilization will be stopped in November. If you can do according to the above requirements, you can make rose flowers meet with you every month. Rose is not hot by nature(5.5inch plastic plant pots). It grows best when the temperature is 20-25 ℃.

In addition, the new or transplanted potted rose can be cultivated with humus and loose loess(square grow pots). All kinds of fertilizers of nitrate nitrogen and ammonium nitrogen can be used, but urea is not suitable. After May, it is the peak season of rose growth. Every 10 days, top dressing should be applied once. If we master fertilization well, we can overcome its weakness of being afraid of high temperature in summer(5.9inch plastic plant pots). The amount of watering should be flexible according to different conservation environment, seasons and even pot soil. 

It's difficult to grow beyond 30 degrees(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). From May to June is the flowering period, and fertilization should also be done frequently. The most suitable fertilizer is the rotten human manure or the bean cake fat water; to achieve "thin fertilizer application", avoid raw fertilizer and thick fertilizer(6.3inch plastic plant pots). If you want to see the blooming of rose flowers in the next year, you can cover the topsoil with organic fertilizer in winter every year, which has obvious effect on the germination in early spring.(plastic five gallon nursery pots wholesale supplier)

All the methods are to go to the rose to enjoy fertilizer, flower friends can try to fertilize the rose within a reasonable range, and summarize their own experience(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Because the soil, basin size, rose seedlings, etc. used by each flower friend to raise rose are different, so when fertilizing rose flowers, it is more necessary for flower friends to explore and practice by themselves, and the fertilizing methods of other flower friends are only for reference(6.5inch plastic plant pots). Then how to promote the germination of bamboo seeds?

(plastic five gallon nursery pots wholesale supplier)Watering is the key point of cultivation and cultivation of Wenzhu(plastic plant trays wholesale). It is not allowed to blindly copy the experience of other flower friends. In summer, the weather is hot and the water evaporates quickly, so you should water it in the morning and evening, and the water volume is a little larger without any hindrance. In addition to normal watering in summer(7.48inch plastic plant pots), you can often spray water on the ground around the plants and spray water on the branches and leaves to increase the air humidity.

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