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Plastic Fodder Growing Trays Wholesale Suppliers Kenya

The general soil is difficult to use for plug seedlings, and most of them use artificially configured light substrates for seedling raising(black plastic nursery pots). The selected seedling tray is divided into compartments, one room and one grain when sowing, and one plant per plant when seedlings are formed. The tray seedlings are light substrate materials such as peat, vermiculite and the like as seedling substrates, using fine seeding and seedlings once(18 cell plug trays supplier). Modern seedling system. It blooms in summer and autumn, usually from midsummer to mid-autumn.

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(plastic fodder growing trays wholesale suppliers kenya)It can also be used for large-scale seedlings, physical properties: particle size 0.1~0.8 cm(plastic nursery pots wholesale), bulk density 0.15-0.8 g/cm3, total porosity 70%-90%, size pore ratio 1/3~1/4. The use of industrial and agricultural waste to synthesize organic matrices, thereby replacing grass charcoal as a seedling substrate, and even bee hives by-products. The selection and preparation of the seedling substrate is unreasonable(20 cell plug trays supplier), and for the success of pollination, we can look at the stigma of the female parent.

Factory-based precision seeding(wholesale nursery pots), according to different operating principles, can be sprayed with water and pesticides, seed selection is the same as ordinary seedlings, seed treatment requires coating treatment and concentrated germination. Facility nursery can protect the roots of seedlings, improve the survival rate and uniformity of emergence, and has the advantages of disaster prevention and seasonal restriction(40 cell plug trays supplier). It is an important guarantee for vegetables to obtain early maturity, high yield and high yield.(plastic fodder growing trays wholesale suppliers kenya)

The sowing machine is the core equipment for the mechanized sowing of the facility seedlings(plastic nursery pots), which directly determines the quality of the seeding. The development of facility nursery in Europe and the United States is early, and the function is perfect, the degree of automation is high, and the supporting equipment is complete. The seedling seeding machine can be divided into a needle (tube) type seeding machine, a plate type seeding machine and a drum type seeding machine according to the seeding mode(104 cell plug trays supplier); according to the degree of automation, it can be divided into a manual type, a semi-automatic type and a fully automatic type seeding machine.

China's research and application started relatively late(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). After years of development, there are certain results, but the overall level is still low, the application is not extensive enough, and the development speed is slower. More artificial cropping methods are used. With the development of modern agriculture and the transformation of the agricultural industry model, the backward seedling planting technology and planting equipment can not adapt to new forms(105 cell seed trays wholesale), and it is urgent to develop mechanized precision seeding technology for facility seedlings.(plastic fodder growing trays wholesale suppliers kenya)

According to the existing equipment problems, combined with advanced technology at home and abroad(plug trays wholesale), a new seedling planting equipment was developed. The machine is mainly composed of a transfer table, a stepping motor, a timing belt and a pulley, a photoelectric sensor, a ball type pneumatic vibrator, a seed tray, a suction tube and a moving profile block thereof, a suction needle, a seed tube and a fixing thereof(sureroot plug trays bulk). Plate, suction movement cylinder and guide movement cylinder, vacuum generator and other components, as well as pneumatic control system.

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