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We will find after a while that it starts to drop flowers or fruits, and even the leaves are yellow Phenomenon(20cm plastic grow pots). If the leaves of kumquat tree plants are concentrated in the middle and lower branches and the old leaves naturally turn yellow and fall during normal management(buy plant pots online), it is a natural phenomenon of plant growth and regeneration.

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Just remove the yellowed leaves in time(plant start trays wholesale). In particular, kumquat tree likes high temperature, and its optimal growth temperature is about 22-29 ° C. Temperature below 8 degrees will cause fallen leaves. In this way, if the outdoor temperature is very low, the ones placed on the balcony must be moved indoors, and the insulation can be used(small succulent pots wholesale). Potted water in kumquat trees can easily cause rotten roots, which will cause yellow leaves.

(plastic gallon container manufacturers usa)When the weather is dry, the yellow parts of kumquat tree leaves gradually develop from old leaves to new leaves(23cm plastic grow pots). Kumquat tree pot soil should be fertile and loose. Water should be irradiated when the surface of the soil becomes white. After the kumquat tree is infected with diseases and insect pests(custom plant pot), the concentration of the sprayed chemical solution is too large, causing the leaves of the plant to yellow.

Kumquat tree lacks nitrogen, iron, zinc, boron, and manganese, all of which can cause yellow leaves(4 cell propagation trays wholesale). The targeted fertilizer or compound fertilizer, fertilizer and water are applied today. Diseases and insect pests such as red spiders can also cause yellowing of kumquat tree leaves(bulk buy plastic plant pots), as well as lack of light and soil alkalinity can also cause this phenomenon, so kumquat trees should be paid more attention in daily maintenance.

The prevention and control of the silkworm should be carried out before planting(6.35cm square grow pots). The ground should be properly cultivated and sprinkled with phosphorus-containing pesticides such as soilworms. Seeds should be selected before sowing to eliminate disease and weak species(buy succulent pots online). Besides that the pot soil itself is more fertile, we can supplement it with nutrients through topdressing. So, how to fertilize potted kumquats?(plastic gallon container manufacturers usa)

The flowers are white(6 cell propagation trays wholesale). Generally, fertilization is usually carried out once a week during the growing season, and a fully rotten liquid fertilizer is appropriate. Liquid fertilizer and clear water can be used to dilute 1: 3. Fertilization is usually carried out in combination with watering, and is usually carried out when the potting soil is dried, which is more conducive to plant absorption(5 gallon plastic pots wholesale). It needs to be well drained. 

(plastic gallon container manufacturers usa)Of course, we can also apply completely decomposed hemp sauce residue or compound fertilizer(24 cell propagation trays wholesale), bury it below the surface of the pot soil, and then immediately water it to dissolve and dilute the fertilizer, so that the nutrients are dispersed more evenly in the pot soil, which will not only avoid Causes fattening and allows nutrients to be absorbed more fully(black plastic nursery pots wholesale). Water should not be accumulated.

However, fertilization should be based on the principle of thin fertilization and frequent application of a small amount(8 cell propagation trays wholesale), especially the top-fertilization of organic fertilizer, and it must be ensured that it is completely rotten. Kumquat tree is a kind of auspicious leaf and fruit plant(plastic growers pots suppliers). Many families will buy a pot and place it at home during the Chinese New Year. Medicine damage can be alleviated by changing the potting soil.

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