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Choose a place where there is no grass fertilizer on the shade side, level the ground, pour water, freeze and put a layer of fine dry soil to prevent sticking to the leaves(18 cell trays bulk). When tidying, you can use the fish scale stacking method, that is, the north and south rows, the first bundle is laid flat, the second bundle of leaves presses the two thirds of the root of the first bundle, and so on, 10 bundles can be arranged in a row(4.72inch plastic nursery pots).

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Leave the root about 3 cm, remove the yellow leaves after shoveling, and bundle into a bundle of about 2.5 kg(36 cell trays bulk). After heavy snowfall and winter solstice, the soil should be covered again. Keep coriander in a frozen state during storage. The nutrient sludge is made of river mud, pig manure, garbage and human feces and urine mixed in an appropriate ratio(plastic seed trays). Pour the prepared soil into the seedbed and scrape it flat. It can be cut into pieces after 4 to 5 days.(plastic gallon container wholesale supplier australia)

It is not appropriate to defrost too quickly(40 cell trays bulk). The celery ditch method is to dig a ditch 1.5 to 2 meters wide and 1 to 1.5 meters deep. Two thirds of the ditch is underground and one third is on the ground. The length of the ditch depends on the storage capacity. Choose vigorously grown branches as the center stem, leaving 50cm cut. Lizi ventilation(9cm plastic grow pots). Compared with the nutrient grass, it is simple and easy to use, without straw, and the work efficiency is about 7 times higher.

The so-called hydroponic culture refers to the cultivation of vegetables in a greenhouse or plastic greenhouse without using soil and using artificially formulated nutrient solution(40 cell tray in bulk). Celery roots 6-10 cm when harvested, remove soil and yellow leaves, and store them as you go(plastic garden pots wholesale). First dig a row of ditch in the ditch, water it, then plant the celery in bundles in the ditch, plant a ditch to bury the soil once, bury the celery about 15 cm, and leave a gap between the bundle and the place near the ditch.

(plastic gallon container wholesale supplier australia)Beans with a short seedling stage can be divided into 5 × 5 cm squares, and eggplants with a long seedling stage are divided into 10 × 10 cm squares(51 cell trays bulk). Some people have done experimental comparisons, and the result is that the average single plant output of the eggplant produced in Datian is 3.5 to 4.5 kg, and the average plant output is up to 13 kg using hydroponics(large plastic planters cheap). When harvesting, you can not use forging and cutting, use a shovel.

The plastic film must be close to the ground, leaving no gaps, which is not easy to be blown by the wind and can prevent the growth of weeds(104 cell trays bulk). Take 7 parts of fertile mushy river mud without toxin bacteria, add one and a half parts of rotten pig manure, one and a half parts of sieved garbage, and then add a small amount of concentrated human feces and urine to fully mix well(plastic flower pots wholesale). After 10 cm, pat it flat and step tightly. After burying it, you should check it.

Place coriander in a cold room before the market to gradually release the air and thaw(72 cell seed starting trays). After the block is cut, a la-shaped hole is dug in the center of the block every other day, so that Remove seedlings or sow seeds, and facilitate water penetration. After the plastic film is covered, the ground temperature is high, and the organic matter in the soil decomposes quickly(nursery plant pots wholesale), which will cause the crops to grow fast. In the later period, the fertilizer will be removed.(plastic gallon container wholesale supplier australia)

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