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Plastic Gallon Containers Wholesale Price Canada

The detasseling technique generally used in corn production can effectively weaken its top advantage(propagation tray). In the absence of calcium, it can reduce the inhibition of male ears by the male ears and reduce the empty stalk rate. Combined with organic and inorganic fertilizers, combined with NPK fertilizers(large plastic terracotta pots). Maize is in the stage of booting from jointing to silking and fertilization.

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The method of detasseling is: when the tassel is exposed, the tassel is pulled out by alternate rows or plants, and the functional leaves should not be smashed(plug trays). After going to male, only half of the tassel remained in the whole field. After pollination is over, the remaining half of the tassel is removed again to reduce nutrient consumption and help increase grain weight(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The planting form has a row spacing of 70 cm and a plant spacing of 27 cm.

(plastic gallon containers wholesale price canada)Large spike type, 2500-2800 plants / mu, planting form is 70 cm row spacing, plant spacing 35-40 cm(gallon nursery pots); leaf tight-type spikelet varieties 4000-4500 plant / mu, row spacing 80 cm, plant spacing 18-20 cm. The semi-loose variety is 3500 plants / mu. The increased row spacing is conducive to ventilation and light transmission(black plastic plant pots), improves light and capacity, increases ear nutrition, promotes ear differentiation, and reduces the empty stalk rate.

This period is the most vigorous period of growth and development(gallon plant pot). In this period, sufficient fertilizer supply and top-up nitrogen fertilizer can be used to reduce the empty stalk rate. Corn is sensitive to water 15 days before tasseling. If the soil is dry at this time, timely watering can promote ear development(nursery plant pots), shorten the interval between male and female flowers, facilitate normal pollination and fertilization, and reduce the empty stalk rate.

After the dew dries on sunny days, shake the male flower with a bamboo pole or a pull rope once a day for 2-3 times(seed starting trays), which will help pollen scattering, increase pollination opportunities, increase seed setting rate and reduce baldness. Remove dead leaves and increase photosynthesis(cell seed trays). Due to the dead seedlings, the dry leaves of wheat fields that are covered by dry leaves are also covered by the dry leaves, which affects the photosynthesis of wheat.(plastic gallon containers wholesale price canada)

The condition is better to delay the watering time properly(square grow pots). After the wheat returned to green, the early application of 10-15 kg of urea still promoted the recovery of wheat seedlings as soon as possible. Although severe frost damage during the wintering period, as long as the tiller joints are not dead, they are still white or green(40 cell plug trays supplier). When the temperature rises in spring, you should grab the dead leaves of wheat ridges with a rake to promote heart leaf growth.

(plastic gallon containers wholesale price canada)Frost-chilled seedling prevention and control of wheat is a relatively self-regulating crop(plastic grow pots). After returning to green, new tillers can be grown and spiked. As long as spring management is strengthened, better yields can be obtained. In the management of wheat fields that have died of winter wheat seedlings, we must seize the word "early" and reflect the word "promotion"(104 cell plug trays supplier). Topdressing nitrogen fertilizer to promote rejuvenation.

Generally, water is applied when the ground temperature of 5 cm passes through 5 ° C after the wheat is turned green(plastic plant trays wholesale). The amount of water should not be too large. Foliar fertilization and nutrition(105 cell seed trays wholesale). After the wheat suffers frost damage, it is necessary to pay attention to spraying 1-2 times of nutritional supplements such as yiga boron to supplement the nutrition in the wheat and promote the wheat to resume growth as soon as possible.

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