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Must do the following aspects: After the beginning of autumn(200 cell seed trays wholesale), it is necessary to stop applying nitrogen fertilizer, appropriate application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, so that the potting soil is slightly dry, to promote the growth of branches and leaves, and improve the cold resistance. Temperature control, when the temperature drops to 0 °C, Milan will be frozen, generally should be moved into the room early or when the weather report reports cooling, temporarily moved indoors, the flower pot should be placed in the sunny place(plastic nursery pots wholesale), not the vent, in case The cold wind blows the plants straight.

(plastic gallon grow bags wholesale supplier)The temperature fluctuations throughout the winter should not be too large(seed starting trays wholesale), so as not to affect the plant's full dormancy, generally maintained at 10 ~ 12 ° C best, if the room temperature exceeds 15 ° C, the consumption of nutrients, spring out of the room after the cold wind attack and prone to dry shoots, affecting flowering, If the temperature is lower than 5 ° C, the whole plant can be covered with a plastic film(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), or covered with a cold-proof material, but the time should not be too long, so as to avoid the blade falling off due to lack of light, and it is easy to cause cold damage.

It is also impossible to pour large water, so that the water in the potting soil is balanced, and the water is slightly dry(sureroot plug trays bulk). In addition, in winter, in order to prevent the leaves from being covered with dust, hindering photosynthesis and causing the leaves to turn yellow, the water should be sprayed once a day to the leaves every 10 days to clean the leaves, but be careful not to spray too much water. Let the water drops stay on the leaves for a long time, and put the flower pot down(plastic nursery pots), so as to prevent the water from falling into the potting soil, so that the potting soil is too wet, causing rotten roots.

(plastic gallon grow bags wholesale supplier)After the winter, you should gradually move the flower pot to the outside(32 cell seed trays wholesale). Don't rush to move the flower pot out. You can open the window before and after noon to perform ventilation and ventilation exercise. After a few days, move to the outside, if you suddenly encounter cold wave and strong wind. Move back indoors in time, the above is an introduction about how Milan flowers spend the winter(black plastic nursery pots). During the growth of leaf seedlings, the nutrients of the mother leaves are absorbed. If the transplanting is too early and the nutrition is insufficient, it is difficult to survive.

Generally, when the seedling grows to 1-2 cm in size, it can be transplanted(105 cell seed trays wholesale). At this time, the mother leaves are dry and there is no nutrient supply. The growth of seedlings requires a certain amount of nutrients, and the new roots need to be breathed, so the basin should use a certain degree of drainage and permeability. Peat soil and river sand can be mixed and a small amount of perlite can be added(wholesale nursery pots). The proportion of peat soil is slightly more, which allows the roots to grow better.(plastic gallon grow bags wholesale supplier)

Carefully remove the seedlings from the original pot, otherwise it will be difficult to recover(plastic cell trays supplier). If the root system is too developed, you can trim it properly. Remove the dried maternal leaves to avoid wasting nutrients. Then lay sand and perlite on the bottom of the basin and pad a little peat soil. After placing the plants upright, fill them with soil. After transplanting the seedlings, it is not advisable to water them immediately(plug trays wholesale). At this time it is in a slow seedling period and cannot adapt to changes in the environment.

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