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Plastic Gallon Nursery Pots Manufacturer China

Flower planting is inseparable from fertilizer(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and all flower growers will encounter the problem of buying fertilizer. In the face of various brands and various types of fertilizer products supplied on the market, how can we choose the fertilizer that is most suitable for our love of flowers? Select fertilizer according to the growth stage of the plant. The fertilizer used in different growth stages of plants is different. For example, high nitrogen, low phosphorus and low potassium fertilizers should be used in the seedling stage(40 cell trays bulk), while low nitrogen, high phosphorus and medium potassium fertilizers should be used in the flowering.

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(plastic gallon nursery pots manufacturer china)For some flower growers(plastic nursery pots), because the flowering time is not long, the experience is not rich enough, and the details of the fertilizer use are not familiar enough. It is also appropriate to consult the veterans. The fertilizer is purchased according to the actual lack of plants. Plants that use certain nutrients will behave differently, and some will buy some fertilizer. It often causes fat damage. Fertilizer use should be purchased based on the lack of actual nutrients in the plant(36 cell trays bulk). Buy fertilizer based on price/performance.

Some people think that expensive fertilizer is a good fertilizer, but it is not(plastic nursery pots wholesale). At present, the more popular fertilizer use method is 75% controlled release fertilizer plus 25% water-soluble fertilizer. It is most economical and effective in combination with this ratio. In the general concept, the price of controlled release fertilizer is high, and it will increase the cost when used. Actually, it is not. Water-soluble fertilizers are wasted in use. The controlled release fertilizer is a wrapped fertilizer, which is released according to the needs of plants(18 cell trays bulk), which can reduce the waste of fertilizer to a minimum and the use efficiency is relatively high.

(plastic gallon nursery pots manufacturer china)In addition, when choosing a controlled release fertilizer(black plastic nursery pots), you should also pay attention to some instructions provided by the supplier, such as the difference in composition between different brands. Some branded fertilizers will have some patented technologies that can promote the absorption of nutrients by plants. Provide a basis for selection. Because the flower growers do not need as much fertilizer as the flower producers and farmers, so don't be greedy when buying fertilizers(12 cell trays bulk). Once some fertilizers are unpacked, if they are not used for a long time, the chemical components will not evaporate.

So it is best to buy it again and use it immediately after unpacking(seed starting trays). When purchasing scorpions, you should choose plants with thick stems, no yellow leaves, more than 8 flower buds, large flowers, heavy petals, and strong fragrance. The scorpions bought from other places have smaller pots. After buying a home, you have to change to a basin with a larger diameter. The culture soil added must be acidic. After changing the basin, pour the water once, put it in a cool and ventilated place for one or two days, then move it to the shady shade to see some sunlight(8 cell trays bulk), pour water twice a day, water once a week, and 1:500 sulfuric acid The iron solution is irrigated.

(plastic gallon nursery pots manufacturer china)The scorpion is like a fat, and it is better to use thin fertilizer(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). In the flowering period, it is necessary to remove the defeated flowers in time, and not to make the knots solid, so that they will continue to bloom. Trim once a year from May to July. In the spring, turn the basin to change the soil, the basin should not be too big, covered with tiles to facilitate drainage. Winter can be wintered at room temperature not lower than 6 degrees Celsius. The scorpion branches are easy to root, can be propagated in April or October, the strip length is 10 cm? Cut the leaves 2/3, insert them into the matrix of river sand and peat, put them in the shade, and sprinkle water every day(6 cell trays bulk). Air humidity.

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