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Some flower friends ask that the transplanted rose must be pruned(square grow pots), leaving only 3 to 4 branches per seedling, and the others are removed from the base. The remaining branches should also be cut, the height is controlled at about 20 cm, the temperature is high, the light is strong, and the shade can effectively reduce the transpiration of the plant and protect it from direct sunlight. The shade can last until the end of August. After pouring the three waters, water can be watered depending on the weather conditions(32 cell seedling trays wholesale). When the temperature is high and dry, water is poured more, and on cloudy days, the water is delayed.

(plastic gallon plant containers wholesale supplier)When raising the moon, it is inevitable that when transplanting is needed, the transplanting time of the rose(large plastic terracotta pots), if it is "11" flower viewing, it can be applied once in the bud, and the amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer should not be too large. The pruning after transplanting is mainly to remove the flower buds at the top of the new shoots, no longer short and thin. However, after mid-August, the flower buds must be removed(72 cell seed starter trays), because at this time the rose is in a state of slow seedling, and flowering consumes a lot of nutrients, which is not conducive to plant growth.

The main diseases in summer include black spot and powdery mildew(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). It can be sprayed 800 times 50% carbendazim WP every 15 days after transplanting, and stopped in mid-September. The main insects of the season are cut leaf bees and red spiders. , scale insects, mites, etc., when the number is small, artificially remove, when the number is large, 40% dicofol emulsifiable concentrate can be sprayed with 1500 times to kill red spider(50 cell seedling trays wholesale), and 40% omethoate emulsifiable concentrate 1000 times can be used to spray cut leaf bees, aphids, scale insects and the like.

(plastic gallon plant containers wholesale supplier)When starting the seedlings, try to bring up the soil ball and kill the roots less, so as to ensure a high survival rate(gallon pot). Planting or potted roses, with at least 5 hours of light per day, is the primary condition for flowering in the rose. In the growing season of the rose, it is necessary to apply fertilizer frequently. This is because the rose is about a distance apart! In one and a half months, the growth and development process of germination, long branches and flowering should be repeated(seed propagation trays). The nutrient consumption is large, and various nutrients need to be continuously supplied to ensure normal growth and development. .

Leave 10 cm to cut off the branches of the ground and plan to transplant them(plastic plant trays wholesale). Less or no fertilization after Futian and October. In the potted rose, as the plant grows, it is necessary to change the pot and change the soil every year to facilitate the development of the root system. Watering should be done in time after each fertilization to keep the soil loose and well ventilated. In order to keep the plants growing vigorously and often produce more and better flowers, they need to be constantly trimmed(18 cell seed starting trays), cut off some old branches and promote new shoots.(plastic gallon plant containers wholesale supplier)

Summer potted plants should be trimmed in combination with early spring(seed starting trays), and all dead branches, diseased branches, weak branches and cross branches should be cut off from the base. Keep a certain amount of axillary buds growing to the outside. Generally, the strong growth branches of the adult plants cut 1/2, the weaker ones cut 2/3, leaving 3-5 strong main branches, nutrient concentration, large and bright flowers(50 cell seed starter trays). After the first phase of flowering in October, the residual stalks should be cut off in time to promote the rapid germination of new shoots.

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