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Plastic Gallon Planting Pots Wholesale Suppliers USA

Reduce the amount of water spray(2 gallon plant container wholesale), excessive fluff at the base of the stipe, too late bagging, resulting in low carbon dioxide concentration in local areas, poor ventilation in the mushroom field, and high air humidity. It is required to carry out bagging treatment when the cap is about 1cm, and tighten the bag mouth, and pay attention to ventilation and ventilation(2 gallon pots manufacturer). Reduce the humidity of the air in the mushroom field.

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Pay attention to regular ventilation and keep the humidity in the mushroom field at around 75%(sureroot plug trays bulk). The surface of the cap is dull and dull. The color of the cap is white in the middle of the wax yellow or white in the middle of the wax yellow(1 gallon pots manufacturer). If the wax cover is surrounded by waxy yellow, it should be sprayed with water above the mushroom body to provide sufficient moisture for the growth of the mushroom body to restore growth.

(plastic gallon planting pots wholesale suppliers usa)The length of the mushroom body does not exceed 8 cm, and it does not die or grow high during the continuous growth process(gallon pot). In the process of collecting mushrooms, due to excessive force, the hyphal body fault or external vibration in the bottle causes the hyphae to be damaged and detached, resulting in the nutrient transport of the mushroom body being blocked(2 gallon plant pots wholesale, so that the length of the mushroom body cannot continue to grow.

Otherwise, the air humidity in the mushroom farm is too low(large plastic terracotta pots), the number of watering should be increased, and the window opening time should be reduced to improve the air humidity in the stock market. Strictly select the fine varieties, disinfection and sterilization, and adjust the concentration of carbon dioxide in the culture bag to keep it within the appropriate range(2 gallon plant pots supplier). The moisture content in the material is insufficient, or the air humidity is too low.(plastic gallon planting pots wholesale suppliers usa)

Flammulina mushrooms grow around the wall of the bag(square grow pots). The filler in the culture bag is too loose, and a gap is formed between the wall of the bag and the culture material in the late stage of the culture, which provides a certain space for the growth of the mushroom body, resulting in the emergence of the lateral mushroom(1.5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Lateral mushrooms cannot grow into standard quality Flammulina velutipes. A phenomenon that causes the bases of the cells to be joined together. 

When the film of the bag is inhibited from inhibiting the growth of the cap(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), the carbon dioxide concentration in the bag is increased due to the small gas permeability of the film, thereby causing excessive growth of the villi of the base of the stipe(1 gallon plant pots supplier). When the young mushroom grows to about 1~2cm, the bag mouth is folded, so that the bag tube is raised about 4cm higher than the material surface, and the carbon dioxide concentration is lowered to increase the oxygen content.

(plastic gallon planting pots wholesale suppliers usa)Generally, the surface of the mushroom body is water-like, and the color is dark and translucent(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Excessive water spray or high humidity and temperature in the mushroom field. In order to reduce the chance of disease in the mushroom body, it is necessary to pay attention to maintaining the temperature and humidity of the mushroom field, and pay attention to the way of watering(4 gallon nursery pots wholesale). And timely remove the infected mushroom body and do a good job of disinfection.

In addition, the presence of various bacteria can cause abnormalities in mushrooms, induce black spot disease, soft rot, etc(plastic plant trays wholesale). in the mushroom body. It is necessary to pay attention to crushing them in the early stage of growth to avoid competing for nutrients with normal growing mushroom bodies. It is necessary to compact the culture materials in the culture bags to reduce the possibility of gaps(cheap 3 gallon plant pots). When the mushroom grows to 5-6cm, the bag tube is straightened.(plastic gallon planting pots wholesale suppliers usa)

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