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Plastic Gallon Propagation Containers United States

The seedling substrate is prepared by itself, and a special vegetable seedling substrate can also be used(nursery plant pots). If you configure the substrate yourself, mix the vermiculite, perlite and peat in a ratio of 1:2:3. Each 1m3 should be added with 500g of urea, 10-15kg of dried chicken manure, 600g of diammonium phosphate, and should be added to the appropriate amount of soil(6.3inch plastic plant pots). The fungicide, fill the tray in time after fully mixing.

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(plastic gallon propagation containers united states)The bed soil should be loose and the bed surface should be flat(cell trays). If it is a professional nursery shed, you can lay a thick plastic film, or you can lay a layer of bricks to prevent the roots from coming out from the bottom of the tray to the soil, which is more conducive to seedling packing. Secondly, the sunshade net or plastic film can be used to cover the scaffolding(5.9inch plastic plant pots), which can reduce the temperature, prevent glare, and wind.

Every 1m2 should be added 0.025kg of phosphate fertilizer, 10-20kg of farm organic fertilizer(large plastic terracotta pots), spoiled and finely crushed and evenly sprinkled on the bed soil, and then ploughed and mixed to completely level the entire surface. Before planting, the bottom water must be poured. After the water seeps into the soil, spread the thin layer of fine soil on the nursery(5.5inch plastic plant pots). It can be about 3-5mm, then Seeds are immediately sprinkled and spread about 2 to 3 g per 1 m2.

It is germinated under the environment of 15-20 °C(square grow pots), and after about 3 days, the seed can be sown by 80% white. The length, width and height are 51cm, 29cm and 5.6cm respectively. After the plugs are filled, they should be placed in a plastic greenhouse(5.12inch plastic plant pots). It is necessary to carry out the refining in a low temperature environment to ensure the healthy growth of the seedlings and improve the adaptability of the seedlings.(plastic gallon propagation containers united states)

After the water is full, stop for a few minutes(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). It is worth noting that after the seeds have been germinated, they must be careful not to break the shoots. Alternatively, the seed can be treated with phytohormone, for example, by soaking the seed with a 1000×10-6 gibberellin solution for 2-4 hours(4.92inch plastic plant pots), or by soaking the seed for 3 minutes with a 100×10-6 cytokinin solution, which can achieve good germination effect.

When the lettuce seeds of Italy are germinated(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), they prefer to be in a light environment, especially the red light germination speed is relatively fast, so the seeding depth is best not to be too deep, less than 1cm. It can be covered with a thin layer of vermiculite after sowing. Do not expose the seeds after watering. The protected area can be seedbed seedlings(4.72inch plastic nursery pots). After sowing, the temperature should be controlled at 15 °C-20 °C.

(plastic gallon propagation containers united states)If it is necessary to spray water after sowing, keep the seedling tray moist(plastic plant trays wholesale). After the seedling grows out of the three leaves, it should be sprayed with 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution and 0.3%-0.5% urea, 1-2 times a day, and should be done at the same time. Good prevention and control of greenhouse diseases and insect pests(gallon pot). 7 days before planting, the ventilation volume of the seedbed can be slowly increased.

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