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Plastic Garden Plant Pots Wholesale Suppliers

In the soil of strawberry(nursery containers wholesale), then, in addition to the above-mentioned soil matching scheme, what feasible soiling method can be adopted? But no matter where it is transplanted, in fact, the seedlings can be transplanted into pots as potted plants. In order to promote the early maturity of strawberries in spring(grow pots for sale), transplanting and planting work is usually carried out when the strawberries are adjacent to flower bud differentiation, that is, during the September-October period of autumn.

(plastic garden plant pots wholesale suppliers)Sunflowers are short-day crops. For example, under the sunshine conditions in Tianjin(15 gallon plastic pots), it can mature and mature without special treatment. Sunflowers like plenty of sunlight, and their seedlings, leaves and discs have a strong light. The sunshine is sufficient, the seedlings are strong and can prevent the growth of the seedlings; the mid-term fertility is sufficient, which can promote the growth of stems and leaves(cheap grow pots), normal flowering and pollination, and improve the seed setting rate.

At the low temperature stage of seedling cultivation and cultivation, the seedling age is as long as 90 to 100 days(one gallon nursery pots). Spread the seed bag on both sides of the rack, or wash it with warm water every 6 hours at 28 °C, and bud out after 2~3 days. In early August, it was immediately controlled, and the sunflowers were full of sunshine during the late growth period, and the seeds were full and full(heavy duty plant trays). Sunflowers are not strict with soil requirements and can grow on all types of soils.

From the bud to the flowering stage(propagation trays nz), the water requirement at this time accounts for 43% of the total demand for a lifetime, which is a critical period.Generally, according to the water requirement law and drought tolerance of sunflower, it is necessary to do a good job in forecasting and forecasting pests and diseases, and strive to achieve early treatment and treatment(plant pots uk). It can also be transplanted to the ground for planting. But it is not very sensitive to the reaction of sunshine.(plastic garden plant pots wholesale suppliers)

In the stage of sowing to emergence, it is necessary to master the sowing of the top seed(plastic seed trays), to smash the dry sowing, soaking seeds before sowing, etc., which have good drought and drought resistance. From the stage of gongs and buds, the upper part of the seedlings grows slowly, and the roots grow very fast, and the seedlings can be implemented without watering(commercial plant pots). In the rainy season, it is necessary to adopt high-altitude soil and deep trenching to carry out drainage and flood control.

From fertile soils to dry land, infertile, saline-alkali soils can be planted(nursery pots for sale). Cover the tidal soil (total thickness 0.8~1.0 cm), then cover with plastic film to keep warm. When the temperature reaches 18~20 °C, use 30-45 kg of pentachloronitrobenzene per hectare, add 150-230 kg of moist fine sand, mix well and sprinkle on the ground of sunflower to inhibit the germination of Sclerotinia(2.5 inch square plastic pots), sunflower In the occurrence period of larvae, it can spray 90% of trichlorfon 500 times and prevent it 2 to 3 times.

(plastic garden plant pots wholesale suppliers)After the water has been infiltrated(bulk buy plant pots), use a layer of nutritious soil to spread a layer, level the bed surface, and then spray 1 kilogram of soil per square meter of bed soil, then plant about 15 grams per square meter, and then spread 2 kilograms of soil and fine after sowing. The winter and spring sowing seedling bed covers the mulch, and the summer and autumn sowing seedling bed covers the shading net or straw(large round planter pots), and the bed cover is removed when 70% of the seedlings are topped.

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