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Insufficient amount of C will reduce seedling growth(square grow pots). The larch of Xing'an is 1.2×10 mg/mL, and the Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica is 1.5×10 mg/mL. In the summer, the shed is ventilated, and the fresh air entering from the outside every minute is approximately equal to the air capacity of the entire shed. Can be controlled by conventional methods(greenhouse supplies pots). The control agents are pyrethrum, asparagine, nicotine sulfate and malathion (the first three are used in the larval stage).

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At the same time, the evaporation of the water on the surface of the cuttings can effectively reduce the cuttings and temperature(gallon plant pot). Within the optimal concentration range, seedling growth grows with the increase of CO; concentration Increase, beyond the most permeable concentration, seedling growth begins to decline, so different trees must be tested to determine the optimal concentration before they can be applied(7 gallon nursery pots supplier). The optimal concentration of C) for different tree species is different.

(plastic gardening trays wholesale suppliers philippines)The CO2 consumed in the tank can be supplemented by sugar(gallon nursery pots). When the indoor temperature drops below 25°C in the afternoon, the vents should be closed to keep the indoor temperature at the temperature required at night. In my country, this technology is still in the test and preliminary application stage(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Full-light spray tray seedling raising device consists of two parts: moisture sensor control and mechanical spray device.

Diseases mainly include cataplexy, gray mold, leaf blight, rust and powdery mildew(plug trays). Common pests are: powder arc, thrips, fresh insects, snails and scale insects. One of the common insect pests in the greenhouse is a late-sucking insect that can secrete the largest and most protruding black mold. The larvae are milky white and attached to the lower leaf surface(black plastic plant pots). The adult is pure white, the leaves are slightly touched, and immediately fly away.(plastic gardening trays wholesale suppliers philippines)

Sulfur-absorbing seedling liquid juice makes the leaves curl and deform(propagation tray), and the damaged part is silvery white or transparent, which can be identified by a magnifying glass or a micromirror at a low magnification. Insecticides include malathion and panacea. The full-light spray tray seedling raising technology is the most rapidly developing advanced seedling technology in modern times(5 gallon nursery pots supplier). At present, according to different production purposes and business types, there are several ways to apply in production.  

(plastic gardening trays wholesale suppliers philippines)For the transplanting bacteria, it will not burn even if it is stably inserted in the summer hot sun(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The strong light can make the cutting blankets carry out sufficient photosynthesis. , Make cuttings take root quickly. By adopting this seedling raising technology(nursery plant pots), it is possible to successfully propagate and propagate plants that were difficult to root in the past, which greatly shortened the nursery cycle and reduced the cost of nursery.

Zhang Qiuhua and others from the Tuqiang Forestry Bureau of Daxinganling and others selected the LPB-Ⅱ plastic greenhouse with a pipeline and a gas nozzle developed by Beijing Agricultural University to carry out 00(plastic plant trays wholesale); fertilization experiments on larch and Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica. In seedling greenhouse, due to high temperature and high humidity, fungi multiply quickly, and there are many diseases and insect pests(3 gallon nursery pots supplier). Thrips are small pests, often wingless.

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