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When the plant has yellow leaves, check the root growth to see if there are dead roots, rotten roots, or damaged roots(4.5inch deep square pots). Spray the medicine in time to prevent and control. The main insect pests that cause deciduous banyan trees are red spiders and scale insects. Although there are also thrips, this kind of insects only curl leaves to suck juice(five gallon container). The harm is less than the above two types.

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Remove and destroy the leaf(seedling trays wholesale). The banyan tree itself is not healthy enough, or it is not suitable for the environment when you buy it. After four weeks, it is recommended to apply the nutrient solution sold in the flower market. The plant is yellowed and dried, causing diseases and insect pests to occur and even death(nursery pots online). Both of these conditions will cause the banyan tree to drop leaves. The drier substrate is beneficial to the growth of new roots.(plastic germination pots manufacturers china)

The whole plant can be washed with large water and then sprayed with mite-specific pesticides(seed starting trays supplier). The scale of the scale insects is mainly stems, petioles, etc., the size and color are different, and the shapes are round, oval, etc., generally do not move. However, it is more harmful and requires timely control(nursery plant containers). It can be removed with a toothbrush or wiped with a rag. It can also be sprayed with a 0.2% solution of washing powder and wind oil essence good.

And thrips are also easy to control(seed propagation trays). When you buy, you should choose healthy bonsais with leaves that stretch, green and bright, and no plant diseases and insect pests. The potting soil should be loose, fertile, and ventilated. In the indoor or courtyard, the temperature is between 10 ° C and 30 ° C with little change(7 gallon container), not less than 5 degrees in winter, not more than 35 degrees in summer, and pay attention to ventilation, and often spray water on the leaves, etc.

(plastic germination pots manufacturers china)In addition to the above cases, that is, the stem or root of the ficus tree is damaged(plastic cell trays supplier). The stem decides whether to cut it depending on the situation, and the root system can only find ways to make the wound heal as soon as possible. Before fertilizing it, not only the root system could not absorb it, too much fertilizer would force the water in the root cells to flow back into the matrix(7 gallon plant pot). Therefore, the banyan tree must be watered without watering or watering. 

In order to make it have enough water and fertilizer, it can only spray more foliar water(plastic potting pots). Finally, the banyan bonsai should generally be placed in a ventilated and transparent place. Pay attention to watering, fertilization, pruning, and prevention of diseases and insect pests daily(10 gallon plant container). Let the banyan tree have a certain space humidity, there is another possibility, otherwise the sunlight is insufficient, the ventilation is not smooth, and there is no space humidity.

The wound in the root system does not fully heal(200 cell seed starting trays). For ornamental purposes, too much watering will lead to yellow water, and long-term water shortage will lead to yellowing. The drying here refers to the drying of the pot soil surface, not the pot soil(7 gallon planter). Of course, even if it is dry, it will not cause great damage to the banyan tree in a short time, because the leaves of the banyan tree are thick and small, and have certain resistance Drought.(plastic germination pots manufacturers china)

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