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Plastic Germination Tray Wholesale Suppliers Russia

In the medicament disinfection method, formalin containing 40% formaldehyde is often used for disinfection(propagation tray). In each cubic meter of culture soil, 400-500 ml formalin is evenly sprinkled. The harm of soil peracidity or alkalinity to flowers and plants is actually affected by soil fertility and microbial activities(flat plastic tray). The soil with pH value less than 7 is acidic soil, and the soil with pH value greater than 7 is alkaline soil. 

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Then the soil is piled up and covered with plastic film(plug trays). After 48 hours of airtight, the covering is removed and the soil is spread out. After the formalin gas is completely volatilized, it can be used. When disinfecting, wear masks and gloves to prevent drug inhalation and contact with skin. This kind of soil is loose, ventilated and permeable, not sticky or hard(large plastic terracotta pots). It is suitable for farming(72 cell seed starting trays). It has poor fertilizer and water holding capacity.

(plastic germination tray wholesale suppliers russia)Plain sand soil is a kind of fine surface sand soil with pure texture, good ventilation and water permeability(gallon nursery pots), but it has no fertility, and has no mass tensile structure, so it has poor water retention performance. The adaptability of flower plants to acidity and alkalinity is quite different due to different origin(104 cell trays bulk). Due to the different growth habits of flowers, it is very important to test the soil properties to adapt to the growth habits of flowers.

Dip a bit of soil leaching solution with a bamboo stick (toothpick) on a small piece of test paper, and the test paper will change into different colors immediately(gallon plant pot). The acid color displayed on the test paper can be compared with the standard colorimetric card to find out the color card number which is similar to the color(51 cell trays bulk), that is, the pH value of the measured basin soil. If the test paper is red, it is acidic; if it is blue, it is alkaline.(plastic germination tray wholesale suppliers russia)

It is easy to produce young seedlings without old seedlings and poor aftereffect(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). More sticky manure should be applied, and chemical fertilizer should be applied less and frequently to prevent the loss of fertilizer. According to the acid-base condition of the soil, the flower wastes that like acid soil can be divided into the following categories(40 cell tray in bulk): acid resistant flowers (P4 ~ 5), Daphne, hydrangea, Coleoptera, pteridophyte, orchid, etc.

(plastic germination tray wholesale suppliers russia)It is suitable for neutral and slightly acidic flowers (pH 6-7), chrysanthemum, asparagus, Euphorbia, osmanthus, golden bell, Clivia, Narcissus, dandelion, etc(square nursery pots). It is suitable for rose, rose, carnation, geranium, Jasminum japonicum, Jasminum japonicum, Euonymus japonicus, Dendrocalamus trilobata(40 cell trays bulk), juniper, Hibiscus syriacus, stone trough, grape, wisteria, cactus, vetch, stone alkali flower, Limonium, etc.

The simplest way to determine the acid mechanical strength of pot soil is to buy some test paper(plastic grow pots), stone steam test paper and a standard colorimetric card from the chemical reagent store. When determining, take a small spoonful of basin soil, put it in a clean sulfur bottom, add a small amount of distilled water until the test paper has just been immersed(36 cell trays bulk). Do not overdo it, and 50 times of water is added.(plastic germination tray wholesale suppliers russia)

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