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Plastic Greenhouse Trays Wholesale Suppliers France

Irrigation frequency is flexibly controlled according to the water source conditions, during the corn water demand period, depending on the place and the time(50 cell seed trays wholesale). Chinese farmers have always attached importance to the application of organic fertilizers, which plays a positive role in improving soil, improving corn nutrition and lifting corn yield(greenhouse trays and pots). Corn fructose syrup is the second processed product using corn starch as raw material.

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It is converted into glucose under the action of boxed phosphorus; it continues to convert Leihepu into fruit error under the action of isomer cool(seed planting trays wholesale). In 1980, the corn hybrid planting area was about 220 million mu, accounting for more than two-thirds of the corn planting area(propagation trays for cuttings). At present, the planting density per acre has increased to 3000 to 4000 plants, and some compact dwarf hybrids have reached 5000 to 6000 plants.(plastic greenhouse trays wholesale suppliers france)

Currently, the irrigated area of farmland is about 750 million mu(18 cell plug trays supplier), half of which is in the area of early grain crops, which has created conditions for expanding the corn planting area, increasing the multiple cropping index, and increasing the yield. With the development of the chemical fertilizer industry, the number of applied chemical fertilizers has increased year by year(small plastic hanging baskets). This has an important effect on the stable and high yield of corn.

(plastic greenhouse trays wholesale suppliers france)Interplanting multiple crops can improve field ventilation and light transmission conditions and improve light energy utilization rate(20 cell plug trays supplier). In the early liberation period, and the planting density of corn was generally sparse(72 cell plug trays). With the improvement of water and fertilizer conditions and the popularization and application of hybrids, planting corn will not be as stable as millet, the issue of dense planting has received widespread attention.

With the appropriate increase in density, the effect of increasing yield is also very significant(40 cell plug trays supplier). The planting density of corn is closely related to varieties, fertilizer and water conditions, climatic conditions, topography, etc. Therefore, all regions should declare and determine the reasonable planting method and suitable density range of corn according to local regulations(long life propagation trays). Most of China's corn is distributed in Qiujun early land.

Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, the Party and the government have attached great importance to the development of farmland infrastructure, construction of water conservancy(104 cell plug trays supplier). For example, in the northern spring sowing corn area and the Huanghuaihai Plain summer sowing corn area, due to the development of irrigation, the corn planting area has expanded year by year, and the yield has doubled(6.35cm square grow pots).

In the past 30 years, in the corn area of Guanxi, which is "no irrigation without agriculture"(105 cell seed trays wholesale), with the improvement of irrigation conditions, the soil fertility was poor, the corn planting area has grown from more than 8 million mu in the 1950s to more than 15 million mu(nursery tray manufacturers). The corn irrigation methods in China are mainly furrow irrigation and wow irrigation. Spring and summer corn and legume crops also have a considerable area.(plastic greenhouse trays wholesale suppliers france)

Because of the irrigation areas in the northern plains of China, wheat, rice or cash crops are mostly planted(32 cell seed trays wholesale); the annual rainfall in the southeastern hilly area exceeds 1500 mm, and corn production is not as good as rice and Ganjiao; the annual rainfall in the northwestern irrigated corn area is relatively low. Without irrigation conditions, millet and sorghum, and irrigation(23cm plastic grow pots). The planting density was only about 2000 plants per mu.

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