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Plastic Ground Cover For Weeds Wholesale

After the volts, the fertilization is excessive(flat plastic tray), the new leaves are easy to turn yellow, and the fleshy roots are rotted seriously. In addition to the combination of the basin and the base fertilizer, as the saying goes, "the crops are all dependent on the fat," and Clivia is no exception. Clivia is a multi-root. Multi-leaf plants, sometimes when Clivia blooms, there will be a phenomenon of “clip arrows”(propagation tray). Only by doing a reasonable fertilization, the leaves of the genus will be tall and green, with good gloss, wide leaves and large flowers.(plastic ground cover for weeds wholesale)

The summer climate is hot. When the temperature is above 25 degrees, it is not suitable to apply fertilizer to avoid rotten roots(plastic grow pots). A very thin liquid fertilizer can be applied every 15-20 days to shorten the dormancy period. In autumn, due to the cool climate, a thin fertilizer mainly based on phosphate fertilizer (bone powder, fish scales, rice bran, livestock manure, etc.) can be applied every 7-10 days(plug trays). The fully decomposed thin pancakes, fertilizer water or other cakes are buried in the soil. Yes, in order to facilitate their arrows and promote their flowers.

The fresh leaves are easy to turn yellow, causing the roots to rot in severe cases(greenhouse supplies pots); when the fertilizer is lacking, the leaves are narrow and thin, the color is light, dull, the flowers are small, and the color is not bright. There are many reasons why Clivia does not bloom. The most important one is lack of nutrition. Because the plants that have been flowered consume a lot of nutrients, the nutrition in the potting soil is quite lacking. If fertilization can't keep up or no new culture soil is added, it is difficult to flower(gallon plant pot). Even if it blooms, the flowers will be thin and light, and the ornamental value is not high.

(plastic ground cover for weeds wholesale)In order to prevent this from happening(wholesale greenhouse pots), in order to prevent this from happening, the Clivia, which has been kept for 3 years, needs to increase the number of fertilizations and fertilizers with more phosphorus when entering the autumn, and spray 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate to the leaves when the arrowheads are outcropping. Solution to promote its early exit and early flowering(cell trays). The higher potassium fertilizers (grass ash, wood carbon) can be mixed in the spring and autumn seasons. Trace elements, (slag, river sand, egg shell) can be added during soil mixing.

If you can lower the temperature to below 25 degrees, the method is to first put a layer of soil and sprinkle a layer of raw materials(seed starter trays), cover a layer of soil and then plant the flowers on it, do not touch the raw material directly with the root will burn root, with Shell oil crops can not be shelled and are afraid of burning roots. In the process of growth and flowering, sufficient nutrients are needed(gallon nursery pots). If the fertilizer is lacking, the leaves will become yellow, the brightness will decrease, and even the growing leaves will be narrowed, and the leaves will change.

(plastic ground cover for weeds wholesale)At the time of flowering, if the fertilizer is insufficient, the amount of flowering is small and the petals are small(square nursery pots). Therefore, the timely application of various fertilizers is an indispensable condition for the cultivation of Clivia. Seeds, oil mites, horseshoe palms, and bone meal of various oilsmith crops are solid fertilizers. Such as hemp seed, su seed, castor bean, peanut, sunflower seed, pine seed, soybean, sesame and so on(black plastic plant pots). All kinds of fermented cakes, blood and fresh fish fermentation water are liquid fertilizers.

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