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Plastic Growers Pots Wholesale Suppliers Malaysia

Where the plant is tall and the crown is wide(plant cell trays), such as Althaea, okra, Solidago, sunflower, etc., the plant row spacing should be larger, 50-60 cm; such as Paeonia lactiflora, Hemerocallis fulva, astragalus, perianthus, loudoucai, jinjiju, etc., the plant row spacing can be set at 40 ~ 50cm(seed cell trays). For the shorter plants, such as Yingwei, Hosta, zizun, Feicai, Sedum, Dianthus, the plant row spacing can be 25 ~ 40cm.

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For example, tulip, Narcissus and other bulbs can form a large bulb and several small bulbs at the base of the old bulb every year(seed starting tray wholesale). It can be divided into two parts. However, if the fleshy root or the wound is seriously broken, the broken part can be cut off first, and then be disinfected with plant ash and then planted(plug plant trays). For medium-sized plants, The planting spacing is often different according to the cultivar and cultivation purpose.

(plastic growers pots wholesale suppliers malaysia)In the order of planting, the tall plants should be planted in the back, while the shorter plants should be planted in the front(farm tray). In this way, we can see the light without affecting each other, and at the same time, we can also have a clear hierarchy in viewing. When the soil is slightly dry, loosen the soil surface with a hoe(128 cell trays). This method is often used to propagate flowers and fine varieties which are not easy to produce seeds.

The time of ball splitting varies with different species and cultivation needs, and is usually carried out in spring and autumn(6 cell plant trays). In order to obtain a large number of small bulbs, cutting method can be used to inhibit the development of large bulbs, so as to produce adventitious buds and form small bulbs(seedling trays). After the big bulbs are planted separately, and the small bulbs need to be cultured for 2-3 years before flowering.(plastic growers pots wholesale suppliers malaysia)

The macrocorm can bloom in the same year after planting, while the small bulb needs to be cultivated for 1-3 years(288 plug tray). After planting, water should be poured once and again after 2 weeks to consolidate the soil and fill the gaps. Before freezing, 15-20 cm soil was covered on each perennial root to protect it from overwintering(2 gallon pots manufacturer). When the weather turns warm in the next spring, remove the covering soil and irrigate it once.

(plastic growers pots wholesale suppliers malaysia)Then the root tubers, they can bloom in the same year(50 cell plug trays), such as Dahlia and flower hair, must be separated with a root neck, because the buds of Dahlia grow near the root neck of the ground. Cuttage Propagation is to make use of the regeneration ability of plant vegetative organs to make them take root or germinate under suitable conditions and become new plants(v14 nursery pots). The seedlings will break through the soil.

According to the habit of natural multiplication of bulbs (stems), the new bulbs formed by mother plants are separated (cut) and planted separately(7 gallon pots manufacturer). Gladiolus, freesia and other corms, an old bulb can produce 1 ~ 4 large bulbs and most of the small bulbs. The plantlets propagated by this method grew faster and flowered earlier than the seeded seedlings(soil block trays), and maintained the excellent characteristics of the original variety.(plastic growers pots wholesale suppliers malaysia)

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