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In the production of tongpai bonsai, the method of cutting first and then planting pot is adopted, so as to determine the appropriate position in the pot(seedling trays). Tongpai is developing rapidly. In the middle, the tree should not be divided into two parts: one is the highest and the other is the lowest(3 gallon pots manufacturer). Later, in the use of pots, tongpai mostly used the deep Yixing purple sand basin.

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General bonsai artists innovate on the basis of regular two and a half curves(seed starting tray wholesale), and adopt some traditional techniques to create a number of natural bonsai works, including "standing floating", "cliff type", "hanging piece", "straight dry", "oblique dry" and other forms(cheap 2 gallon container). In modeling techniques, Zhejiang bonsai adopts the combination of pruning and climbing, and the combination of brown silk and metal wire.

(plastic hanging baskets wholesale suppliers florida)The shapes were round, octagonal, hexagonal, square, etc., which matched with the "two curved and half" tree shape(50 cell plug trays). This kind of display shows the solemn and majestic artistic characteristics of Tong School. Zhejiang School is a school of bonsai art named after Zhejiang, mainly centered in Hangzhou and Wenzhou(v14 nursery pots). Zhejiang is located in the southeast coastal area of China, with warm climate and fertile soil.

According to Wu Zimu's menglianglu in the Southern Song Dynasty, the custom of making bonsai with "odd pines and different cypresses" appeared among the people in Hangzhou at that time(plant cell trays). Most of the trees in Zhejiang bonsai are natural, which emphasizes artistic conception and rhythm(6.35cm square grow pots). It includes the branches of "chicken feet" and "antlers" in the structure of slices, but the layers are not very obvious.(plastic hanging baskets wholesale suppliers florida)

Thirty six bend in Fenghua is a famous production base of five needle pine in China. Hangzhou is also one of the six ancient capitals in China(seed cell trays). From Kao Liang Yu Shi, we can know that Tianmu pine and stalagmite stone in Zhejiang Province were widely used as bonsai materials in Ming Dynasty(plug plant trays). In the modeling of tree bonsai, it has formed a natural and freehand style of high stem combined planting.

(plastic hanging baskets wholesale suppliers florida)In Nantong bonsai, Podocarpus microphylla is the main representative tree species(6 cell plant trays), and other bonsai species include double petal snow in June, spring greeting, Euonymus japonicus, Ulmus pumila, Rhododendron, Pinus quinquefasciatus, juniper, cypress, yew and so on(2 gallon plant pots manufacturer). The pines and cypresses are different from the Su school and Yang School's "yuanpian" and "yunpian" in that they pay attention to different levels.

Bonsai of miscellaneous trees pays attention to pruning, but it is different from the Lingnan School's "pruning"(128 cell trays). There are Yandang Mountain, Tianmu Mountain and West Lake in Hangzhou. It is not only beautiful, but also rich in plant resources. In the vast rural areas of Nantong and Rugao, the cultivation of bonsai is the main sideline(farm tray), which is one of the important reasons for the development of tongpai.(plastic hanging baskets wholesale suppliers florida)

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