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Generally, if the surface of the basin soil turns white, and the color is lighter than that of the underlying soil layer, and if it feels dry by hand, it should be watered in time(gallon pot). According to the flower itself performance judgment. For flowers, the water supply is different throughout the year(seed starting tray wholesale). In spring, the temperature rises gradually, the flower also enters the growth peak period gradually, the watering quantity should increase gradually.

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If potted flowers are short of water, the whole forest will appear to be lifeless, and the new shoots and leaves will wither and droop, and even withered yellow leaves(seed starting trays). From the leaf color, it is not as bright and lustrous as usual. If not watered in time or less, the leaves will wither and affect the growth of flowers(plastic flower pots manufacturers). When the basin soil is dark black, it means that the water content is large and no watering is needed.(plastic hydroponic tray manufacturers south korea)

If it is in the flowering period, the flowers will wilt or even fall off(seed starter trays). But sometimes these phenomena are not entirely caused by water shortage. Before watering potted flowers, it is best to conduct the above visual inspection first, and then decide whether to water and how much water. However, flower watering is an important regular maintenance work(plant cell trays). Due to the limited volume of flowerpots, the roots of potted soil are easy to dry early.

(plastic hydroponic tray manufacturers south korea)They do not depend on whether the soil is dry or wet(wholesale nursery pots). As a result, many potted flowers have been watered, while those who have dried up are rare. Therefore, watering potted flowers is a highly technical work. We should master the following points. Water quality is divided into hard water and soft water according to the salt content, and soft water is suitable for flower watering(6 cell plant trays). Secondly, river water or pond water is better.

Do not use washing water containing soap or detergent or oily dishwashing water to water flowers(wholesale greenhouse pots). The water temperature should be stored in the sun for 1-2 days in summer, which can improve the water temperature and reduce the temperature difference between water temperature and soil(4.33inch plastic plant pots). If you water too much or too often, the soil will be waterlogged, and the root system will die of rotten root because of the rest of the room.

If we pour cold water directly under the hot sun(seed planting trays wholesale), the soil temperature will drop suddenly, and the root hair will be stimulated, which will hinder the normal absorption of water, lead to "physiological drying early" and cause leaf scorch, and even lead to plant death(3.94inch plastic nursery pots). On the contrary, it is judged by the color of the basin soil. For those who grow potted flowers for the first time, they are afraid of water shortage.(plastic hydroponic tray manufacturers south korea) 

On the one hand, the determination of irrigation amount of potted flowers should be based on the ecological habits of each flower(18 cell plug trays supplier); on the other hand, it should also consider various factors such as the type and composition of culture soil, weather conditions, plant size, growth and development stage, pot size, and placement location(50 cell plug trays). If the tap water is used, it should be stored for 1 ~ 2 days before the oxygen in the water is lost.

(plastic hydroponic tray manufacturers south korea)Watering in spring should be done before noon(20 cell plug trays supplier). In summer, the weather is hot, the flowers grow vigorously, the function of vegetables is strong, and the amount of water should be sufficient. Watering should be carried out in the morning and evening. When the temperature is high at noon, do not water as much as possible(seed cell trays). The water can be moved to the ground to reduce the temperature and increase the air humidity.

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