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Plastic Hydroponic Tray Wholesale Suppliers South Africa

The straw is immersed in the washing liquid for a certain period of time(plug flats wholesale), then taken out, rinsed with running water for half an hour, then rinsed with distilled water once, and then placed in a drying oven to dry. For the sake of convenience, the key to the success or failure of plant tissue culture is to ensure sterility and avoid contamination(112 cell trays bulk). Glassware can prolong the sterilization time by 25-30min, so that the steam can reach all parts fully.

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Utensils with paraffin or tape will form a layer of grease after the paraffin melts(plastic succulent pots), which will float on the washing liquid and will adhere to other glass legs in the future: the tape dissolves slowly in concentrated sulfuric acid and is easy to damage the washing liquid, so , To remove these substances in advance(288 cell trays bulk). Before use, wipe the grease with a cloth dipped in carbon tetraoxide (CC1L), and then Wipe clean with a damp cloth, bake dry, disinfect.(plastic hydroponic tray wholesale suppliers south africa)

Paraffin can be scraped off with a knife, boiled several times with water to clean the glass mouth, and then immersed in the washing stream(nursery pots canada). The impurities on the surface of the rubber tube (plug) can be boiled with diluted water (5% sodium carbonate) and then rinsed with water. Knives, photography, shears and other utensils need to be cleaned after use and kept dry: new utensils are coated with lubricating oil and anti-rust oil(7.48inch plastic plant pots). The pressure must decrease very slowly.

(plastic hydroponic tray wholesale suppliers south africa)The sources of contamination are: culture medium, materials, temperature and utensils, and contamination during operation(1.5 gallon plant pot). Pure steamed water is commonly used in the preparation of culture medium. The medicine should be chemically pure. Some protein hydrolysates are hydrolyzed by acid and some by enzyme, preferably by enzymatic hydrolysis to keep the amino acid in its natural state(20 cell trays bulk). Generally, high temperature and high pressure sterilization is used.

The second is a strong solution, using 10g of potassium dichromate, adding 20ml of distilled water(6 inch plastic nursery pots), heating to dissolve and cooling, and then gradually adding 175ml of concentrated sulfuric acid. Usually microorganisms can be killed at 115℃ for 1min, and the sterilization time is slightly longer(50 cell seed starter trays), because there may still be cold air in the package of poisonous goods At the end, all the steam is discharged, or the steam has not reached all parts.

is generally 1.2 atm, 15min(cheap nursery pots), to prevent changes in the composition of the medium during autoclaving. Steam sterilized steel allows steam to reach all parts before the air pressure rises, and exhausts the cold air(72 cell seed starter trays). After closing the exhaust valve, the air pressure is raised to the required pressure to reduce the firepower and maintain the pressure for the required time to avoid The pressure of cultivating genes changes and rushes out of the bottle.(plastic hydroponic tray wholesale suppliers south africa)

There are three ways to prepare washing liquid(greenhouse pots): the first one is weak flow, add 50g of potassium dichromate to 1L of steamed building water, dissolve with heating, cool, and then slowly inject 0mL of sulfuric acid for industrial use. Cytokinin generally promotes callus growth. It is more effective when mixed with auxin 2.4-D, etc(7.88inch plastic plant pots). Kinetin obviously promotes bud formation and inhibits root development. It is used in combination with auxin to stimulate Embryogenesis.

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