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Plastic Nursery Containers For Trees Wholesale

Oily wheat is a kind of vegetable that we often eat. Many people love to eat. Most farmers will grow their own oil and wheat(propagation tray). How can we harvest and topdress the oily wheat during the planting process? What are the planting taboos? After about a month of planting, you can consider harvesting, after harvesting, or when the leaves of the oily wheat grow about 15 times(greenhouse supplies pots). The method of picking is also simple, that is, it can be directly rubbed by hand.(plastic nursery containers for trees wholesale)

After the wounds of the oily wheat are dried, a decomposed organic fertilizer can be applied to promote the germination of the new leaves(gallon plant pot). After a while, the second harvest can be harvested. This cycle is repeated until the picking is completed. In order to maintain a certain temperature, the grower will cover a film on it(wholesale greenhouse pots). It is recommended that when the emergence rate exceeds 80%, it is necessary to quickly uncover the film to prevent the seedlings from burning due to high temperatures.

Scientifically and rationally determine the row spacing of plants(gallon nursery pots). Reasonable plant spacing can not only increase yield, but also reduce disease occurrence. If planting oil wheat is used to make money for sale. Then, harvesting must be carried out in a timely manner. The time is too late and the leaves are getting old. The selling is not good and the price is not good(seed starter trays). It is usually the choice of four seasons of oily wheat, this variety has a fast growth rate, strong leaf resistance, and the production is higher than other varieties.

(plastic nursery containers for trees wholesale)It is still necessary to plant after germination in the summer when it is hot, it will be better(black plastic plant pots). Seeding is best done after the rain, otherwise it will need to be manually watered. First, you need to wet the land, but you can't accumulate water, then sprinkle the oil wheat seeds into the seed and add a layer of farmyard manure(flat plastic tray). It is best to sprinkle a layer of fine soil for shelter. If the temperature is not particularly high, it can be covered with a film to start germination.

The seeds of the oily wheat are not germinated at temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius and below 8 degrees Celsius(cell trays). Especially when the temperature is high in summer, it needs to be germinated. First, the seeds need to be soaked in water, then placed on a wet tissue and placed in a cool place(square nursery pots). 80% of the seeds can be planted after they are white. When planting, mix the fine sand with the seeds and mix the seeds first, then start spreading the seedlings.(plastic nursery containers for trees wholesale)

Therefore, when planting(plug trays), it should not be too tight, in order to prevent the seedlings from growing wildly, and at the same time, it is necessary to cover the sun and rain. The seedbed should choose a plot with high dryness, good water and fertilizer retention capacity, and more organic fertilizer. After the oily leaves are grown to 3~4 pieces, they can be transplanted. Before transplanting, you need to pour water first, then carry the soil for transplanting, try not to hurt the roots(plastic grow pots). Pay attention to sunlight and moisture during the nursery.

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