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Plastic Nursery Plant Growing Trays Manufacturers

Vegetable seedlings are made of light-matrix materials such as peat, vermiculite, etc.(flat plastic tray), which are used for seedling cultivation, and are used for seedling cultivation. It can also be equipped with modern greenhouse technology, soilless cultivation technology, mechanical automation technology and computer management technology to implement factory seedlings(11cm plastic grow pots). This technology is suitable for large-scale, specialized, and commercial seedlings.(plastic nursery plant growing trays manufacturers)

Usually, the first leaf of the vegetable seedling seedlings is fertilized at the seedling stage when the true leaves are 1-2 cm long(plastic grow pots).  For example, cucumber or watermelon can be used with 50-hole or 72-hole trays; tomato and eggplant can be used with 72-hole trays, green peppers and medium-bred cabbage can be used with 128-hole trays, and celery is generally used for 288 holes. 392-hole trays(100mm plastic grow pots), rapeseed and lettuce are generally selected from 288-hole trays.

Substrate loading and seeding. The selected peat requires less surface wax and better water absorption(greenhouse supplies pots). Before use, the residual matrix in the plug should be removed, rinsed with water, dried, and manually seeded. The main raw materials for the preparation of the substrate are peat and vermiculite(10.5cm plastic grow pots). The trays can be selected according to the seedling characteristics of different vegetables. Choose the appropriate matrix and tray.

(plastic nursery plant growing trays manufacturers)The seedling substrate should be first placed in the tray(wholesale greenhouse pots), the excess matrix should be scraped off, and then a deep hole is drilled at each hole. After sowing a single hole, cover the soil with a fine vermiculite, spray it with a watering can and place it in the germination chamber to germination(10cm plastic grow pots). A few days later, when the seed buds were just unearthed, the seedlings were placed on the prepared bed in the nursery greenhouse.

Water management is the key to the success of seedlings(seed starter trays). The whole process of seedlings is controlled by water, and the seedling trays are kept wet and not dry, ensuring that the seedlings are not wilting and not long. During the nursery period, the seeds are placed according to the growth of the seedlings to make the seedlings grow evenly(propagation tray). Manage temperature and humidity according to the type of vegetables and the growth stage.

Because the vegetable seeds are stored with macromolecular compounds such as protein(square nursery pots), fat and carbohydrates, it is best to gradually decompose during the germination process to form water-soluble and movable small molecules. A compound that supplies nutrient requirements for seed germination and pre-growth(plug trays). Therefore, the vegetable seedling substrate does not usually contain any chemical fertilizer other than the addition of bio-organic fertilizer.(plastic nursery plant growing trays manufacturers)

The selected vermiculite requires a particle size of 2 to 3 mm and good foaming(black plastic plant pots). However, if the phosphorus content of fertilizer is too high, the frequency of fertilization is too much, and the concentration of fertilizer is too large, it is easy to cause the seedlings to grow long(gallon plant pot). The frequency of fertilization and the concentration of fertilizer are too low, and it is easy to inhibit the growth and development of seedlings and form short seedlings.

The addition of chemical fertilizer will increase the soluble salt content of the matrix and affect the water absorption process of the seed(gallon nursery pots), but reduce the seed germination rate and delay the emergence of seedlings. Autumn cabbage is a seedling in the summer, and most of the mid-late varieties are used. Because of the small distance between the holes and the high density of the vegetable seedlings(cell trays), the tray seedlings should strengthen the previous management. 

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