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Plastic Nursery Plant Pots Wholesale Australia

If there is a certain wind speed, the setting degree in the blade layer can be appropriately reduced and the temperature will be lower(plastic nursery plant pots wholesale australia). For example, the intercropping of tomato and white gourd, towel gourd and pepper, cucumber and celery not only improved the light conditions of the population, but also affected the air circulation, thus affecting the concentration of CO, water vapor and heat conduction(v10 plastic pots).

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When the fruit of the plant's eighth panicle (the first panicle on the top after the nape is erased) is enlarged and finalized (set), the first to sixth panicles of the plant from bottom to top have been harvested(20 cell seed trays), and the seventh panicle has begun(plastic nursery plant pots wholesale australia). However, at night, the temperature gradient in the group is relatively gentle, and the temperature in the group is slightly lower than the surrounding temperature(128 cell seedling trays).

Tomatoes, glutinous seeds and melons and other vegetables, if left unchecked, branches will overwhelm, and the results will be bad(black plastic ground cover). At the seedling stage, thin human feces and urine should be applied for 1 ~ 2 times to promote the growth of seedlings(plastic nursery plant pots wholesale australia). In the middle stage, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer is mainly applied to prevent the growth from being affected by excessive nutrient consumption due to flowering and fruiting.

Fine field management can increase the density of cultivation(105 cell seed trays). For example, tomato cultivated with scaffold can be more dense than that cultivated without scaffold, while single stem pruning is more dense than double stem pruning(18 cell seed trays). When the first inflorescence and the second inflorescence are blooming one after another, leave 2 leaves on the second inflorescence(plastic nursery plant pots wholesale australia). Tomatoes are single-dried first and then double-dried pruning.

At the same time(18 cell seed starting trays), because the CO2 content in the fresh air is higher than that in the leaf layer of the population, proper ventilation can increase the CO2 content in the leaf bend, which is conducive to photosynthesis, have a certain wind speed, and increase the diffusion of CO) from the leaf layer space to the stomata(plastic nursery plant pots wholesale australia). This is more important for fruits and vegetables in summer, especially tomatoes and cucumbers. 

The general wind speed should be 0.5 ~ 2.0m/s(105 cell propagation trays). The intercropping of tall and short stalks, the intercropping of upright and creeping, and the intercropping of deep roots and shallow roots can form a composite population(plastic nursery plant pots wholesale australia). For vegetable production in shaking room(12 cell seed trays), intercropping and interplanting technology can also be adopted, which can intercept more solar energy in a small area and improve the yield per unit area.

Tomato single trunk has two consecutive layers of coring and pruning, that is, a single plant retains 3 ~ 4 basic branches and 6 ~ B inflorescences, so as to achieve the good effect of high yield and concentrated fruit production period(72 cell seed trays). The lateral branches growing from each node have grown very large, especially from the nodes close to the first inflorescence and the second inflorescence(plastic nursery plant pots wholesale australia).

Many pruning methods, such as single stem continuous two-layer coring pruning, single stem first and then double stem pruning, have been derived from sugar chamber fan application production(plastic nursery plant pots wholesale australia). Taking sugar chamber tomato as an example, the number of ears per plant should be determined according to the local climatic conditions, the length of growth period and the arrangement of turning chamber stubble(20 cell plant trays).

The distribution of heat in the group leaf layer is opposite to that of C2(16.5cm plastic plant pots), and the temperature in the leaf layer is higher than that outside the leaf layer(plastic nursery plant pots wholesale australia). For large-scale cultivation, varieties of unlimited growth type can leave 4 ~ 6 sweets, 9 ~ 11 ears of fruit can be left in one crop, 2 ~ 3 ears of fruit core can be left in early maturing load culture(11cm plastic plant pots), and 2 leaves should be left on the uppermost ear when picking the heart.

Topping and hitting right(72 cell tray). In order to control growth, promote fruit development and make each plant form the most appropriate number of fruit (such as single stem or double stem), the pruning method is to pick the heart and beat the weight(plastic nursery plant pots wholesale australia). The ratio of plant assimilation organs to fruit organs was adjusted by heart weaving and weight beating, which could improve the photosynthetic efficiency per unit area.

Removing useless side buds is called hitting right, and removing top buds is called topping(24 cell seed trays). Among these lateral branches, a lateral branch that grows from a node immediately below the first inflorescence should be promoted to grow. Use this lateral branch as the second basic branch(plastic nursery plant pots wholesale australia). After the third inflorescence and the west inflorescence grow, the upper side should be left(8 cell plug trays). Pick the two leaves as soon as possible.

The side branches with the third and fourth inflorescences are the second basic branch(seedling tray 128 holes), the side branches with the fifth and sixth inflorescences are the third basic branch, and the side branches with the seventh and eight inflorescences are the fourth basic branch(plastic nursery plant pots wholesale australia). Similarly, choose the side branches that grow from immediately below the third inflorescence, below the fifth inflorescence, and below the seventh inflorescence.

If you want to keep 5 basic branches and harvest 10 layers of fruits(6 cell seed trays), you need to use the lateral branches from the seventh inflorescence as the fifth basic branch, which bears the ninth and tenth panicles(plastic nursery plant pots wholesale australia). Proper close planting is a measure to increase production in recent years. Leaf picking, leaf leaf picking is to pick off the lower old leaves(v16 plastic pots); leaf leaf picking is to lift the outer leaf up and tie it up to the center or envelop the leaf ball. 

Therefore, the nutrient area of a single plant can be reduced, the density can be increased, and the yield can be improved(200 cell seedling trays). It is suitable to be used in winter and spring high-yield cultivation of high-yield tomato varieties with unlimited growth in solar greenhouses, greenhouses and other protected areas(plastic nursery plant pots wholesale australia). The main measures commonly used in the production of terraced-house vegetables and plant adjustment are as follows.

When the main vine is 220-240 cm long(polypropylene ground cover), 8 spikes have been inserted, and the hanger height is 150-170 cm, keep 2 leaves above the nape inflorescence, remove the top center, and erase all under the nape inflorescence in time The leaf buds between the leaf limbs enable the plant to concentrate nutrients for fruit setting and promote fruit development and expansion(plastic nursery plant pots wholesale australia). The specific method is to keep the basic branches.

The specific technique is(40 cell plug tray): therefore, leave one main vine per plant, erase the leaf buds on the main vine in time, and implement an "S"-shaped hanger on the main vine(plastic nursery plant pots wholesale australia). Coloring. After keeping the required number of basic branches, if you do not continue to trim the shape of the plant and allow the basic branches, main stems, and lateral branches to grow(4 cell seed starting trays), it will cause poor light transmission conditions for the fruit.

All these contents of temperature, CoQ and humidity are affected by wind(plastic nursery plant pots wholesale australia). The photosynthetic intensity of leaves of different leaf ages on the plant is also different. Through plant adjustment, balanced vegetative growth and reproductive growth, and reasonable dense planting, the production efficiency of vegetable cultivation crop groups in the greenhouse can be effectively improved(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). One branch is the first basic branch.

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