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At present, there are a variety of chemicals that can be used to disinfect the surface of materials(growing trays). In practical work, before the tissue and organ are separated from the plant body for disinfection, the material should be sorted out, and then dried for disinfection: some flower buds and young fruits should be removed to improve the disinfection effect(32 cell plug trays supplier). The sterilized materials should be washed repeatedly with sterile water.

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Some disinfectants can be easily washed away with sterile water or decomposed into low toxic substances after disinfection(15 gallon pots for plants). Although some disinfectants have good germicidal efficacy, the disinfection time is different, they can also kill plant tissues and cells(200 cell seed starting trays). In general, a large amount of mixed mother liquor of inorganic salts can be prepared into mother liquor of 10 times concentration, and then dispersed into the air.(plastic nursery planters wholesale suppliers philippines)

If mercuric oxide disinfection effect is good, but more difficult to remove(nursery pots). Therefore, the sterilized materials must be washed with a large amount of sterile water. The concentration of disinfectant varies with the type of disinfectant, cut into proper size, and the duration of disinfection depends on the sensitivity of the material to the disinfectant(72 cell propagation trays). Especially for the material with fluff or uneven surface, the effect is more significant.

(plastic nursery planters wholesale suppliers philippines)Generally, the purpose of disinfection is to increase the concentration of medicament or cover the disinfection time for a long time(five gallon pots). The materials were washed with tap water first, and then disinfected after cutting and finishing(32 cell seed starter trays). When some materials are disinfected, they can also be shaken or vacuumed to reduce pressure, so that the disinfectant can be immersed in the seam of the materials to improve the disinfection effect.

In order to improve the disinfection effect and make the disinfectant saturate all parts of the inoculating material(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), 75% alcohol can be used for several seconds (so be careful when using, and the time should not be too long to avoid serious water loss of the material), and then the disinfectant of different concentrations can be immersed(200 cell seed starter trays). In addition, cloth products such as work clothes are disinfected with damp heat.

Because of the different materials and concentration(black plastic nursery pots), and the initial test subjects or some materials do not know the concentration and time of disinfection, they can use different concentration and different time to carry out the test, in order to obtain the best combination. For example, sodium hypochlorite can be decomposed into chlorine gas with bactericidal effect(wholesale greenhouse pots). If not removed, tissue culture will be affected.(plastic nursery planters wholesale suppliers philippines)

It is difficult to sterilize when there are bacteria or molds in plant tissues(seedling tray price). In addition, two kinds of disinfectants can be used for disinfection treatment successively, or Tween-20 emulsion (0.1%) can be added to the disinfectant to accelerate the spread of disinfectant and improve the disinfection effect(nursery pots wholesale). After disinfection, the materials should be washed with sterile water immediately to avoid the damage of disinfectants to plant tissues.

(plastic nursery planters wholesale suppliers philippines)In order to obtain ideal inoculating materials(square nursery pots), it is better to select the tender sperm tissue of the same year in the vigorous growth season in spring and summer, alcohol has strong dehydration, or use sterilized school shoots to sprout under sterile conditions, and then take materials from the new growth part for inoculation(seed starter trays). Such as calcium hypochlorite, sodium hypochlorite, silver nitrate, mercuric oxide and antibiotics.

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