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In the room where we live, we always like to put some living plants in the bedroom(seed starter trays). What should we do when our plants are dying? Introduce the common diseases and parasites of several indoor plants(plastic nursery pots wholesale canada). Red spider symptoms: This tiny insect can suck the juice on the back of the plant leaves, causing the leaves to deform(1020 trays), fade or even become sticky. 

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Because of their small size, you need to use a magnifying glass to observe them. A dry and hot environment is good for killing red spiders(plug trays wholesale). Prevention: Remove leaves from infected diseases and spray bio-insecticides. The newly born larvae crawl on plants to find their place of residence. Shelled whitefly(custom grow trays). Symptoms: This insect has a dark brown protective shell(plastic nursery pots wholesale canada). Therefore, urea and carbon ammonia should not be mixed or applied at the same time.

The air humidity is increased by daily spraying, and the flower pot is placed on the wet sand. Symptoms of Botrytis cinerea/Grey rot: This fungus is easy to multiply in a cool, humid environment and is prone to attacking leaves(seedling trays wholesale), flowers or stems and leaves that have been previously destroyed, often covered with a layer of gray rot(plastic nursery pots wholesale canada). In severe cases, white spider webs extend from the leaves to the stems(8 inch plastic pots).

Prevention: Remove the part of the disease that has been infected and destroy it(1 gallon plant pots). Sprinkle sulphur yellow powder on the infected part, spray the plant with biological fungicide, improve the planting environment, reduce the amount of watering, and ensure good ventilation(plastic nursery pots wholesale canada). It sucks the sap of the leaves, causing the leaves to slowly turn yellow and attach a layer of sticky tree honey(200 cell seed trays wholesale).

In general(5 gallon pots), they end up staying on the back or stem of the leaves(plastic nursery pots wholesale canada). When they grow up, they never move again. Control: Take them off with a damp cloth or a cotton swab moistened with alcohol, and spray the plants with biocides to destroy their young eggs. Coal-stained bacteria will form a protective film on the surface of the blade, which will block the pores of the blade.

Whitefly symptoms: This small insect is soft and grayish-white(plastic nursery pots wholesale). It has white wax and fluff on the surface of the body. Sucking the juice of the stem or young leaves will make the plant yellow and produce a marble pattern until it wither. Root powder scale insect symptoms(disposable plastic plant pots): This furry white creature is very similar to the powder scale(plastic nursery pots wholesale canada). Prevention: Remove all roots from all diseases and then soak the plants in bio-insecticides.

In severe cases, the leaves of the plant will fall off(3 gallon pots). These insects continue to gather and secrete mucus, which is easy to breed coal pollution. Control: Take them off with a damp cloth or a cotton ball soaked with alcohol, and spray the plants with biocides. It sucks the root juice and makes the plants wither and makes the seedlings grow poor(black plastic nursery pots). They usually live in the roots and stems(plastic nursery pots wholesale canada).

When the plant is dehydrated or the soil is dry for a long time, it is easy to infect the disease(plastic plant trays). Symptoms of coal fouling: This charcoal black thief is in the mucus that sucks and secretes. At first, the leaves will slowly turn yellow, but if not treated effectively(plastic planting pots), the health of the plants will be seriously threatened(plastic nursery pots wholesale canada). Too much or too little watering is not conducive to plant growth.

The mixed use of carbon and ammonia in farmland will greatly slow down the conversion of urea into ammonia, which is easy to cause urea loss and volatilization loss(plastic nursery pots wholesale canada). After carbon and ammonia were applied into the soil, it showed alkaline reaction, and the pH value was 8.2 ~ 8.4. Watering monstera requires careful methods and methods(2 gallon pots for plants). It is easy to cause water to accumulate in the basin, resulting in rotten roots and yellow leaves.

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