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Plastic Nursery Pots Wholesale Price Serbia

Such as light-loving, Fuzao, and alkali-tolerant northern flower and discarded plants in test tube culture require higher light intensity, and the p-resistance of the medium should be adjusted to be neutral(plastic nursery pots wholesale price serbia). When the amount of liquid to be sterilized by filtration is small, a syringe filter can also be used, which consists of a syringe, a filter (replaceable), a holding part, and a needle tube(plastic planters suppliers). 

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However, the test-tube culture of southern flower plants that love humidity, shade and acid do not require high light conditions, and the pH of the medium is required to be acidic(plastic planters bulk). Certain medicines such as gibberellin and zeatin are easy to decompose when exposed to heat, so they cannot be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure, but must be sterilized by filtration(plastic nursery pots wholesale price serbia). can also be sterilized by dry heat.

For example(v10 nursery pots), the decomposition of virtual sugar will increase the acidity of the medium (the pH value can generally be reduced by about 0.2). Introduce the preventive measures of these pollution sources respectively(plastic nursery pots wholesale price serbia). Pour the concentrated washing powder into the water, and use the bottle brush to brush up and down along the wall of the bottle and in two directions, rotating in a circle(heavy duty plug trays).

Sometimes the autoclaving time is too long, it will also affect the change of acidity(bulk pots). The most important and basic requirement of plant tissue culture is that all operations must be considered pollution-free(plastic nursery pots wholesale price serbia). The bottle after washing should be transparent and bright, with uniform water film on the inner and outer walls(v13 nursery pots), without water droplets, put the bottle on the shelf with the mouth down, and drain the water vapor.

In plant tissue culture, in order to make the water contain no or less harmful ions(nursery tray), the water used in the preparation of the culture medium needs to be steamed water, and the container for collecting distilled water is best to use hard glass bottles or polyvinyl chloride bottles (barrels) better(plastic nursery pots wholesale price serbia). When using the autoclave, be sure to pay attention to safe operation and do it in strict accordance with the operating procedures(propagation trays for cuttings).

The so-called pollution refers to the phenomenon that the culture medium and the culture material are selected to grow out of bacteria due to the infiltration of fungi, bacteria or endophytes during the culture process, which leads to the failure of the culture(plastic nursery pots wholesale price serbia). Excessive pressure, high temperature during sterilization, or unstable temperature control during sterilization can also cause the culture medium to not solidify(seed starting tray wholesale).

Ordinary pipettes and measuring cups and other glassware can be sucked and washed with rubber suction balls and warm washing powder water, and then rinsed with running water from the tap, and placed in a vertical position to dry(black plastic plant pots wholesale). It can be used if it is used urgently after washing(plastic nursery pots wholesale price serbia). The main reason for the excessively hard medium is the excessive amount of agar or the excessively high pH value of the medium.

In addition, after high temperature and high pressure sterilization, certain components in the medium will be decomposed or oxidized(plastic nursery pots wholesale price serbia). Place them in a dry box and dry heat them at 160~180℃ for 3 hours(v15 nursery pots). In the process of plant tissue culture, one of the most frequent and largest tasks is to wash culture bottles and other utensils(plastic flower pots manufacturers). Usually, two scissors, two scalpels and two tweezers are used for burning in turn. 

Use 95% alcohol after inhaling several times(rootmaker propagation trays). The outer wall of the bottle should also be painted, and don't leave anything untouched. When washing the bottles, first soak the bottles in clean water, then use tap water to remove the dirt in the bottles, drain the water, and soak again(plastic nursery pots wholesale price serbia). The external cold air will be introduced into the drying oven, which may cause the glassware inside to be polluted again and even burst.

The disadvantages of dry heat sterilization are poor hot air circulation and slow penetration, and the glass container cannot be too crowded in the drying box(v16 nursery pots). After sterilization, the glassware must be taken out after the oven is cooled(plastic nursery pots wholesale price serbia). If it is not cooled enough, it will be taken out in a hurr(nursery tray manufacturers)y. After brushing, put it under the faucet and rinse with running water 4 times to thoroughly wash away the detergent residue.

Next, when preparing for inoculation, first immerse the above instruments into a 500ml wide mouth bottle containing 95% alcohol, take them out before use, burn and sterilize them on the flame of the alcohol lamp, then put them on the sterilized support, and use them immediately after cooling(6 inch plastic nursery pots). In this way, the sterilization of plant materials collected from the field is more difficult than that in the greenhouse(plastic nursery pots wholesale price serbia).

All kinds of cloth products worn and hidden by vaccinators(greenhouse trays and pots), such as thread gloves, work hats, sleeves, work clothes and masks, are sterilized by high-pressure steam(plastic nursery pots wholesale price serbia). Wear a mask to prevent respiratory and oral bacteria from falling onto the culture medium and explants(long life propagation trays). The surface of plant materials must be disinfected before inoculation, because a variety of microorganisms are often attached to the surface of plants.

The sterilization effect of new buds with vigorous growth in spring and summer is good(plug flats wholesale). High pressure steam sterilization is generally used in large-scale rapid propagation. Once brought into the culture medium, they will quickly release and cause the death of plant materials(v14 nursery pots). It can be stored at room temperature for a short time(plastic nursery pots wholesale price serbia). If it cannot be used up as soon as possible, it is best to store it in the refrigerator at 4 ℃. 

Wash your hands with soap to your elbows, dry them with a towel, and wipe your hands with 70% alcohol cotton before vaccination(plastic nursery pots wholesale price serbia). Put the washed and dried culture containers, glassware, high-temperature resistant plastic utensils and instruments into the high-pressure sterilization pot for heating and sterilization, and continue for 20 minutes under the pressure of 1.2kgcm and the high temperature of 122 ℃(plastic flower pots bulk).

Practice shows that explants from different environmental conditions have different degrees of bacteria carrying, and there are significant differences in sterilization difficulty and sterilization effect(succulent plug trays). The new buds are easier to be infected with natural bacteria than those on the old nuclear strip(plastic nursery pots wholesale price serbia). The sterilized plant materials are transferred to the culture medium through aseptic operation procedures, which is called inoculation.

The washing powder liquid shall be washed with tap water for 1 ~ 5 minutes to further reduce the pollution source(plastic nursery pots wholesale price serbia). When adjusting the pH value, these factors should be taken into account(thermoform pots). At the same time, the prepared culture medium should generally be used up within 1 ~ 2 weeks(plastic plant pots bulk). During inoculation, the operator shall change into sterilized work clothes and wear a hat to prevent dust from falling from his hair.

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