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Plastic Nursery Seedling Trays Manufacturers China

Spray alcohol pesticides to control aphids, scale insects and other pests(3x6 grow tray). Reduce the pests or honeydew, so as to achieve the purpose of disease prevention. Chemical control. When the occurrence is least, the mildew layer can be gently scrubbed with clean water. Spray Baume 3~5 degrees lime sulfur mixture during the sleeping season to kill the bacteria source that overwinter(2x4 grow tray). This medicine can provoke scale insects.

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Pathogens overwinter in the soil, mixed seeds and diseased bodies as sclerotia, and the sclerotia can survive in the soil for several years(decorating plastic plant pots). When the disease is severe, the leaves will die quickly or the whole plant will die. In the later stage, small black dots grow on the lesions, often arranged in a round pattern, that is, the conidia disc of the pathogen(15 gallon flower pot).  The lesions are several stars meters in diameter, and the center is light brown or off-white.(plastic nursery seedling trays manufacturers china)

Charcoal disease is a common disease of flowers, which occurs in various parts of the north and south of my country(2 gallon grow pots). The disease mainly damages orchids, clivia, white orchid, magnolia, camellia, Milan, plum, figs, rubber trees, sylvestris, hydrangea, peony, peony, riley, kumquat, milf, brown paste, cyclamen, cockscomb Flower, carnation, daylily, calendula, winter bloom, cactus, evergreen, hibiscus, general inspection, etc(custom grow trays). Remove diseased plants and leaves in time to reduce the source of infection.

(plastic nursery seedling trays manufacturers china)The disease is mostly caused by the infection of several species of fungi in the genus Cyclosporium, Colletotrichum spp. and Ascomycota under the order Coleoptera(15 gallon grow bags). Anthracnose mainly damages the leaves of flowers, and can also infect stems, tender shoots, flower buds and fruits. In some areas in the south, the typhoon and heavy rain caused leaf damage from July to September, and the disease was particularly serious(4x8 grow tray). It is rainy in spring, especially in the rainy season, and the disease is often severe.

The suitable temperature for the growth of anthracnose is 24~28℃, and the relative humidity of the air is above 90%(3 gallon pots for plants). After the flowers are infected by pathogens, the disease usually starts from the leaf tips and leaf edges. At the initial stage of the disease, small yellowish-brown and slightly sunken spots appear on the leaves, which gradually expand into purple-brown or slightly brown round or sugar ring-shaped lesions(10 inch plastic flower pots). Drip irrigation is best.(plastic nursery seedling trays manufacturers china)

The prevention and control measures are as follows: strengthen the management of training, avoid wounds, and improve environmental conditions(plastic planters for sale). According to statistics from the National General Survey of Garden Plant Diseases, there are more than 80 kinds of rust diseases on flowers and trees, which mainly damage rose, rose, rose, peony, chrysanthemum, tung grass, iris, canna, apricot, sea stalk, albizia, clematis Wait(2 gallon flower pot). The planting density and the density of potted flowers should not be too large. 

(plastic nursery seedling trays manufacturers china)And appropriate more phosphorus and potash fertilizers(15 gallon grow pots). During the growing season, the diseased leaves and plants should be cut off in time and destroyed in a concentrated manner: The diseased leaves and diseased bodies should be thoroughly removed during the dormant season and the garden will be cleaned and buried or burned(heavy duty growing trays). Pay attention to ventilation and light transmission, reduce humidity, and avoid spraying directly from the top of the plant for watering.

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