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The content and art have been innovative(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots). The epidermal cells of some flower leaves contain a lot of pigments such as carotenoids, anthocyanins and lutein, or they are contained in a large part of the leaves, thus forming colored leaves. Put it under strong light for curing or in spring or autumn, the leaves will be early purple or orange red(greenhouse trays). The old but not withered plum piles in the mountains were cut off from the roots and moved into the basin.

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In 1964, the first flower bonsai exhibition in Jiangsu Province was held in Xuanwu Lake, Nanjing(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). Chlorophyll and lutein are contained in different parts of the leaves of Chlorophytum Phnom Penh and Agave Phnom Penh, respectively, and the leaves show two colors of yellow and green. Among horticultural plants, there are about 40 kinds of fruit trees, and more than 8000 kinds of flowers and plants(one gallon container). Chlorophyll A is blue-green, and chlorophyll B is yellow-green.

(plastic nursery trays manufacturers saudi arabia)For example, red leaf corn banana, red leaf beet and other foliage flowers contain anthocyanins in their mesophyll cells, so the whole leaves appear red(plastic flower pots bulk); the leaves of Nantian bamboo, red mulberry, etc. synthesize more chlorophyll under low light, and under strong light or Under low temperature conditions, so the leaves are cultivated in semi-shade to turn green(5 gallon plastic pots). Guangzhou established the Guangzhou Bonsai Research Association as early as 1956.

Because of their different content in the chloroplasts of different flowers, and some are light green or grass green(planting trays wholesale). Carotenoids are the color source that makes leaves appear orange, anthocyanins are the color source that makes leaves appear red and blue, carotenoids and anthocyanins are more synthesized, and lutein is the color source that makes leaves appear yellow(cheap plastic plant pots). In the same way, the color change of the fruit is also the result of the change of the pigment.(plastic nursery trays manufacturers saudi arabia)

After the founding of the People’s Republic of China(72 cell plug trays), the government adopted the policy of protecting, developing and improving the precious cultural heritage of the motherland, making bonsai art continue to innovate Development, towards a period of prosperity. In 1959, some leaves are dark green, a bonsai exhibition was held in Chengdu Southern Suburb Park(plant pots manufacturers). The late Deputy Prime Minister Chen Yi visited it and wrote a compliment of "Higher Art, Beautify Nature".

(plastic nursery trays manufacturers saudi arabia)In 1961, the Fragrant Flower and Bonsai Working Group formed by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences held a large-scale bonsai exhibition in Humble Administrator's Garden in Suzhou(long life propagation trays), which was famous all over the world and exhibited bonsai in Jiangsu and Shanghai with great influence. At the same time, Kunshan Zhang Tong wrote a volume of "Pen Tree Sketch"(3 gallon plastic pots), which is divided into 12 sections, and the content is roughly the same as "Pen Doll Record".

Yangzhou Slender West Lake Park has exhibited bonsai many times, including water basins, early basins and dry basins(nursery tray manufacturers), as well as creations with the meaning of water basins and dry basins. Since then, bonsai exhibitions have been held in various places, and flower bonsai associations at all levels have been established to exchange technical experience, about 130 kinds of vegetables, improve each other(propagation containers), and promote the development of flower bonsai industry in China.

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