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After cutting the cuttings, cut off the immature mature parts and extra branches at the upper end(propagation tray), and bundle them into small bundles of 50-100 pieces according to the length. Pomegranates are deciduous small trees or shrubs in temperate and northern subtropical regions; but in tropical regions such as Taiwan(large plastic terracotta pots), they are evergreen plants that grow in four seasons, have secondary flowers and bear secondary fruits.

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The storage purpose of cuttings is to prevent water loss and dryness and affect survival(plug trays). From BC, the Carthage spread west to the countries along the Mediterranean Sea, then spread east to India, China, and then to North Korea and Japan. Liqi flat land and depressions are used as high borders to facilitate drainage(seed starter trays); slopes are used as low wows to facilitate water retention. The soil should be sandy loam or light clay.(plastic one gallon container manufacturers china)

The quantity of storage is small(gallon nursery pots). After being wrapped with wet grass, the outside is tightly sealed with plastic film and placed in a cool room; it can also be made of bricks or square yards in a corner of the ventilated and cold room. Sand storage. When the quantity is large, it should be stored outdoors in a high dry shady place with a depth of 60-70 cm(black plastic plant pots), a width of 100-120 cm, and a long storage trench depending on the storage capacity.

(plastic one gallon container manufacturers china)Autumn plug, July ~ September(gallon plant pot). Spring planting, when the growth time is long, and the growth is strong, then the plant can be planted in the late autumn and early winter. In autumn, the growth amount was small, but after a year of cultivation in the nursery the following year, the seedlings were thick, the roots were developed, the tissues were full(nursery plant pots), the survival rate after planting was high, and the growth was fast.

For the nursery grounds with planting beds, choose flat and gentle slopes with sufficient water source, convenient transportation(cell trays), far away from malignant pest areas, loose and fertile soil, good ventilation and light transmission. The order of finishing is as follows: turn the plough first, plow and plow first, and break up the small fort(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The tillage depth is 25 ~ 30 cm, and the soil mass is not larger than chestnut.(plastic one gallon container manufacturers china)

The border surface is 100 ~ 120 cm wide, the border groove (ridge) is 40 cm wide, and the depth of the groove is 15 cm(square nursery pots). The length of the wow block depends on the plot, generally about 15 meters. Wow the noodles should be flat, wow ditch should be straight, and the brown ridge must be firm and firm(14 gallon nursery pots wholesale). For each acre of cloth, use 3000 grams of rotted fine fertilizer and 500 grams of Bataan powder or Jiadifen powder.

(plastic one gallon container manufacturers china)After mixing with the fertilizer, spread it evenly on the surface of the wow, then bury it in the soil, mix well with the soil, and flatten the brown noodles(plastic grow pots). To be inserted. Spring is inserted during the period of insertion, from mid-February to early March after the spring. Tender branches, long branches, strong branches, fruiting branches and fruiting branches should not be used(15 cell propagation trays wholesale). It is cultivated almost all over the world today.

Using the characteristics of pomegranate root swallow seedlings and easy-to-produce adventitious roots, in February, the following methods were used for stripping(flat plastic tray). After the roots were cut, the mother tree was cut off to become a plantable seedling. Generally, the branches are thick and young, and they can be stripped in spring and autumn(21 cell propagation trays wholesale). Seedlings are grown, but the root system that has been crushed for two years is the best.

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