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Plastic Plant Pots Large

This functional requirement must be considered in planning(plastic plant pots large). For example, the path does not have to meander meandering; for some villa style homes, there are many houses and large gardens, and guests should not have to go through the kitchen, garage and so on to get to the garden(plastic plant pots large).

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The road and gate path can be determined according to the logical traffic pattern(plastic plant pots large). For the sake of safety, the stepping stones should be smooth, and the design of steps and steps should make it easy to climb. Planted shrubs should not be over hung on the footpath, so as not to scratch clothes, and hinder snow melting in cold climate(plastic plant pots large).

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At the same time, conveniences and safety garden is a part of family living space, which should give people convenience and safety(plastic plant pots large). A well-designed and elaborately arranged courtyard should become a paradise for human beings and nature(plastic plant pots large). Although the neighborhood is close to the customs, the door can not be hidden(plastic plant pots large).

Service areas should provide convenient storage for accumulated branches and leaves, gardening equipment and large toys, as well as space for drying clothes and accumulating fertilizer(plastic plant pots large). Therefore, the most useful gardens are those that allow people to engage in a variety of activities in the same area, and the test paper will change its color(plastic plant pots large). 

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Although horticultural activities can improve people's physical and mental health, if you are busy working, fertilizing and watering, preventing diseases and insects, shaping and pruning, you will be bored(plastic plant pots large). The orientation of the house and its relationship with the sun and prevailing wind direction are also important(plastic plant pots).

All other entertainment activities at this time are Can be carried out here, it can be seen that the lawn is a multi-functional activity area(plastic plant pots large). But adaptability is only basic, because changes in the garden are inevitable(plastic plant pots large). Moreover, modern people generally have their own occupation, too much work will not be allowed in terms of time and energy(plastic plant pots large).

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From the perspective of the development of modern urban families, urban families hope to achieve six main goals through Family Gardens(plastic plant pots large): however, privacy, as early as in the first famous garden making work of our country, Yuanzhi, the author has made a brilliant exposition: if it is a garden, it must be built in a secluded way(plastic plant pots large).

Therefore, it can save labor and time to select plants that can be cultivated extensively and have strong resistance to diseases and pests(plastic plant pots large); to lay ground cover plants on the root discs of trees to maintain humidity and inhibit the growth of weeds, so as to reduce the workload of watering and weeding; to equip automatic irrigation system in arid areas(plastic plant pots large).

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At the same time, beauty, whether you are standing indoors or in your garden, whether the scenery you see is in your own courtyard or outside the courtyard, all the outdoor scenery you see is your own scenery(plastic plant pots large). Factors to be considered When planning a home garden, two basic factors should be considered: natural factors, family needs and hobbies(plastic plant pots large).

The service yard can hide trash cans and provide a place for growing vegetables; while an open lawn can be used as a place for playing badminton in the afternoon(plastic plant pots large). When natural factors start planning, the first step is to analyze the favorable factors and limitations of the natural environment in which the courtyard is located(plastic plant pots large).

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Since large-scale machinery is likely to be required when constructing a swimming pool, passages should be reserved in advance(plastic plant pots large). If there have been records of drought before, it is necessary to install garden watering equipment, or plant drought tolerant trees(plastic plant pots large). Although it is difficult to change the climate, it can adapt to the climate(plastic plant pots large).

For example, when a child "graduates" from the sandbox, the sandbox may have to be removed or transformed into a flowerbed(plastic plant pots large). It can be seen that the ancients have long noticed that in the city, it is necessary to choose a quiet and remote place to build a garden, so that the owner can be quiet in the noisy market even though he lives in a noisy market(plastic plant pots large).

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In modern cities, most people require their homes and venues to provide some hidden places away from crowded and nervous cities; you can take off your tie or wear a shirt; tired feet can be removed by the cold grass Fatigue(plastic plant pots large); here, the green leaves can help people's brains forget the traffic on the highway(plastic plant pots large).

The above six aspects are the goals that most people hope to achieve(plastic plant pots large). But the most basic goal is only one, that is, the garden scenery should make the occupants pleasant, and every family will have their own priorities(plastic plant pots large). To make your own garden attractive to you and passersby, it depends on the design that pays attention to details(plastic plant pots large).

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It is worth emphasizing that the family garden is not a small public garden (sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, etc.), but a practical and beautiful living environment that reflects the personality of the owner, is full of life sentiment, and is beautiful(plastic plant pots large). Not only are plants constantly growing, but family needs are also constantly changing(plastic plant pots large). 

Then in some well-off families in the United States and other developed countries, swimming pools are often built in the gardens(plastic plant pots large). Therefore, before planning, smart planning should leave a place for a pool pit, which can be made into a soft filled pool when the child is learning to walk; it can be transformed into a family swimming pool(plastic plant pots large).

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Successful planning should be foreseeable, so that the garden has a strong adaptability to the needs of the family(plastic plant pots large). The use planning of courtyard space is the key to design and planting(plastic plant pots large). In other words, you can consult the relevant professional departments or experienced gardeners or professionals(plastic plant pots large).

The soil needs to know the type of courtyard soil, if the soil is too poor, it should know the degree of improvement(plastic plant pots large). Whether you are creating a new living environment in the bare open space of a new house or in a bored and ordinary yard, wet pedestrians with dew or rain, you must conceive and plan based on certain basic principles(plastic plant pots large).

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You can do a simple soil test to understand the pH of the soil(plastic plant pots large). If the house has been completed, then you should consider the choice of plant species, to provide shade in midsummer where there is excessive light(plastic plant pots large). This will include all elements of the garden environment, i.e. soil, climate, topography, existing trees(plastic plant pots large).

Although some factors, such as climate, subsoil and light, you still need to understand them to take advantage of the favorable factors and avoid the trouble caused by the unfavorable factors as much as possible(plastic plant pots large). Register the pros and cons of a garden site and list every objective aspect of what you know or can find(plastic plant pots large).

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If you can find the soil information from the relevant government departments, they may also tell you what kind of plants you want to plant and what mineral nutrients you need to supplement in the soil(plastic plant pots large). Then, compared with the color on the pH test paper card, different colors correspond to a certain pH value, representing different pH values(plastic plant pots large).

If good soil is put into the hole where trees are to be planted, it will provide a soil environment for the survival of plants(plastic plant pots large). A root ring should be provided for the plant to absorb rainwater without loss(plastic plant pots large). The method is to soak less soil and test it with pH test paper, that is, dip the pH test paper in the soil solution(plastic plant pots large). 

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Their experience can help you avoid choosing plant species that are not suitable for the local climate conditions, which can not only save money, but also avoid missing planting time(plastic plant pots large). The average rainfall and annual distribution should be found out(plastic plant pots large). Therefore, easy maintenance should be taken into consideration when planning gardens(plastic plant pots large).

Strong wind is a major hazard in your area, so you should plant wind barriers or use walls or fences to protect other plants that are vulnerable to wind damage(plastic plant pots large). If the soil is too sticky, hard or sandy, at least in the small areas where you want to engage in gardening activities or plant trees and shrubs(plastic plant pots large).

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If you have a full say in the location of a house, you should understand the relationship between the baseline of the house and the climate zone, so that the location of the house can best adapt to the local climate, and meet the needs of seclusion(plastic plant pots large). It is not only stagnant in caves, but also gives plants "wet feet" climate(plastic plant pots large).

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