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Plastic Plant Seedling Starting Tray Nursery USA

When seeding, the seed enters the lead tube and collides with its inner wall(200 cell seed trays wholesale), so that the position of the seed falling into the hole can not be guaranteed, and even some seeds fall outside the hole, which has an impact on the quality of the seedling. In order to achieve accurate seeding, this design adopts a method of extending the seed tube so that the seed falls directly to the bottom of the hole. As shown in Fig. 3, the seed tube is divided into upper and lower sections(wholesale nursery pots), and the upper and lower guide tubes are sleeved together when the seed is not planted, and the advancement of the tray is not affected.

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(plastic plant seedling starting tray nursery usa)When the cylinder is moved downward, the guide tube can be extended to achieve precise seeding(plastic cell trays supplier). The vibrator and the cylinder all need positive pressure, so the vacuum generator can be used to generate the negative pressure, and the uniform positive pressure gas source can be used, and the air compressor can be selected. Due to the variability of the seeds, the pressure at which the seeds reach the appropriate vibration frequency and amplitude is also different(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and the pressure reducing valve is used to adjust the gas pressure in the vibrating gas path.

After the seeding cuts off the negative pressure(32 cell seed trays wholesale), there is a phenomenon that the seed still adheres to the sucking needle, and a pressure reducing valve is also used to adjust the blowing pressure. The small impurities contained in the seed tray will block the suction needle, so that it can not be properly sucked. Therefore, the clear needle function is added to the gas path. When the suction needle is blocked, the needle button is pressed, and under the action of a large pressure(plug trays wholesale), The impurities are blown out from the suction needle to achieve the purpose of clearing the needle and reduce the leakage of the seed.

(plastic plant seedling starting tray nursery usa)The system controller selects the programmable controller, and the programmable controller has the characteristics of high reliability(seed starting trays wholesale), strong anti-interference ability, and the like, and the expansion is easy, the calculation function is strong, the control precision is high, the operation is convenient, and the volume is small. As the core component of the control system, PLC according to the action command input by the touch screen and the signal feedback from the photoelectric sensor and the sensor of the cylinder, in accordance with the preset program(black plastic nursery pots), sequentially issue instructions to complete the seeding operation of the tray.

The input signals belonging to the programmable controller are: human-computer interaction touch screen signal(3.54inch plastic plant pots), photoelectric sensor signal, magnet sensor signal of the suction cylinder 1, 2, magnet sensor signal of the lead cylinder 1, 2; programmable controller The output signals are: control signal of stepper motor, start signal of pneumatic vibrator, action signal of suction cylinder, action signal of pilot cylinder(plastic nursery pots wholesale), start signal of vacuum generator, blowing signal during seeding, start signal of cleaning needle.

(plastic plant seedling starting tray nursery usa)The miniature fixed programmable controller is sufficient to meet the control requirements of the air suction seeding device(3.54inch plastic nursery pots). This device selects 224XP micro programmable controller with I/O points of 24 by SIEMENS. The input points are all 10 points and the output points are 14 points. Vegetables are closely related necessities in our lives, and the demand has been relatively large(plastic nursery pots). With the adjustment of the agricultural industrial structure system, new requirements have been put forward on the vegetable seedling industry.

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