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Plastic Plant Starter Pots Wholesale Suppliers China

Hawthorn variety, fresh food and processed fruit are good in the market, with medicinal and edible value(half gallon nursery pots wholesale). Hawthorn trees can be cultivated in mountainous, plain, hilly, sandy wasteland, acid or alkaline soil in Hawthorn garden where powdery mildew is more serious(bulk 14 gallon pots). What are the key points of planting technology? Hawthorn trees will bear fruit in 3-4 years, and will be in full fruit stage in 10 years.

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The yield of each plant can reach 100 kg in 50-70 years, and the yield of big trees can reach 300 kg(cheapest 2 gallon pots). Hawthorn has strong adaptability, likes cool and humid environment, which is cold and high temperature resistant. It can grow between - 36 ℃ and 43 ℃(bulk 15 gallon pots). The best way is to pick the fruit in late autumn in time, which can promote the absorption and accumulation of nutrients in the tree body and facilitate the differentiation of flower buds.(plastic plant starter pots wholesale suppliers china)

The application of base fertilizer should be mainly organic fertilizer, with a certain amount of chemical fertilizer(2 gallon plant container wholesale). The chemical fertilizer should be mixed with organic fertilizer or soil properly before being applied into the ditch to avoid burning roots(bulk 20 gallon pots). Each young hawthorn tree is fed with 40-80kg of mature manure, 0.3-0.5kg of fertilizer (pure nitrogen), 1.5-2kg of urea (or 2-3kg of ammonium bicarbonate) and 1kg of potassium sulfate every year.

Circumcision or girdling can temporarily intercept the organic nutrients produced by leaves for centralized supply, flowering and fruit setting or flower bud formation(cheap 3 gallon plant pots). From late May to late June, a blunt blade was used to circumscribe the smooth part of the trunk to the depth of xylem to control the tip and promote the flowering(72 cell seed trays wholesale). Immediately insert the buds, and use the Hawthorn seedlings that have been growing for 2-3 years as the rootstock. 

(plastic plant starter pots wholesale suppliers china)In young fruit stage, the top dressing is mainly to improve the nutritional conditions of flower bud differentiation(4 gallon nursery pots wholesale), while in fruit expansion stage, the top dressing is mainly potassium, and the pruning of hawthorn trees can improve the carbohydrate content of hawthorn(7 gallon nursery pots bulk). Spraying organic water-soluble fertilizer at flower bud differentiation stage and flower bud stage every year can promote healthy growth of flower bud and increase fruit setting rate.

During the young fruit stage and the expanding fruit stage(1 gallon plant pots supplier), the organic water-soluble fertilizer for the first fruit of bond can be sprayed to promote the fruit uniformity, increase the sweetness, smooth color and increase the yield. Since the seedlings are planted, there is no lack of small pests(72 cell trays bulk)! Watering before the last peak of hawthorn fruit growth in August has obvious effect on accelerating fruit expansion.(plastic plant starter pots wholesale suppliers china)

Generally, the time for insects to come and go is from May to June, such as thiophosphate emulsifiable concentrate, fungicide, etc.(1.5 gallon nursery pots wholesale), and the drugs should be specific to the situation! Thiophosphate emulsifiable concentrate is sprayed in June to kill the eggs and larvae of the first fruit of the cardiophage(bulk 10 gallon pots), and the fungicide is sprayed once a month in the middle of June, the last ten days of July, and the first ten days of August.(plastic plant starter pots wholesale suppliers china)

In winter, water enough frozen water to ensure the safety of the tree(2 gallon plant pots supplier). For hawthorn garden with low-lying and waterlogging prone soil, ditches shall be dug to drain the waterlogging and the ponding shall be removed in time. Its measure is: the tree plate cultivates the soil, prevents the ponding(blow molded nursery pots). Finish the preparation measures in time, we will take care of it with care and patience, wait for the seedlings to grow up and sprout, and produce sour and delicious fruits! 

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