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Plastic Plants Nursery Pot Seed Starting Pots

Before the change of the basin, due to the risk of root transplantation, it is impossible to transplant at 20 degrees(plastic nursery pots). First put a 2 to 2 cm thick coarse-grained substrate or ceramsite at the bottom of the basin as a water-repellent layer, which is sprinkled with a layer of fully decomposed organic fertilizer as the base fertilizer, with a thickness of about 1 to 2 cm(40 cell trays bulk), and then covered with a The layer matrix.

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(plastic plants nursery pot seed starting pots)The substrate for the upper basin may be selected from the following ones(wholesale nursery pots). Or garden soil: medium coarse river sand: sawdust (ru slag) = 4:1:2, or one of paddy soil, pond mud, and humus soil. If the roots are damaged, the root supply capacity will decrease, and the leaf transpiration will not be satisfied, which will cause yellow leaves and sputum, but this is normal.

Or grass charcoal + perlite + ceramsite = 2 parts + 2 parts + 1 part, vegetable garden soil + slag = 3 parts + 1 part; grass charcoal + slag + ceramsite = 2 parts + 2 parts + 1 part, sawdust + vermiculite + Medium coarse river sand = 2 parts + 2 parts + 1 part(36 cell trays bulk). After the basin is finished, water is poured once and placed in a slightly shaded environment for one week.

The operation should be light to avoid smashing. root. Technical points for transplanting transplants: According to the growth potential of the plum, the trimming is reduced(plastic nursery pots wholesale), and the cross branches, the long branches, and the inner lychees are subtracted, and the growth space is reserved for the main branches. Do not use fat first. Keep the original pots and sputum dry and easy to remove the pots.

After the basin is removed, place the soil in a position below the eye level (easy to observe), remove the top soil from the upper edge(18 cell trays bulk), and remove the roots of the aging with chopsticks or pencil in the middle and lower parts. The tiger thorns cultivated by cuttings can be transplanted in about 45 days. For the seedling of the tiger thorn, the pruning should be based on forming the skeleton as early as possible.

(plastic plants nursery pot seed starting pots)Accelerate the recovery(black plastic nursery pots), put the treated soil into a new basin (the bottom cover the drainage hole, the new basin should not be too large), add the culture soil along the edge evenly, so that the culture soil and the basin edge and soil are sufficient, about 1 to 2 cm thick, is then placed in the plant to separate the fertilizer from the roots to avoid burning. Combine, then place it in place and water it(12 cell trays bulk).

Garden soil: slag = 3:1. When the seedlings are filled, the culture soil should be loose and breathable(plug trays wholesale). The size of the fertilizer is a secondary problem. If you change the basin in winter, you can change the basin if you have heating and more than 20 degrees(8 cell trays bulk). You can take it out from the original basin and you can't go to the root of the soil. Recommendation: Be careful when handling, don't tie yourself.

(plastic plants nursery pot seed starting pots)So helplessly pruned because the main branch is too long(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). In order to reduce the burden on the injured root system, and properly oscillate while filling, the flower pot is placed in a place where the indoor light is weak, and the leaf surface is often sprayed with water mist. Tiger thorn plum is very good to raise, you can change the basin as little as possible. 

The potting soil should not be too diligent, and the surface soil should be dried and then watered. When the new leaves grow out, apply the thin fertilizer. In fact, the tiger thorn has the habit of flowering at the top of the branch, so the pruning can promote the branching(6 cell trays bulk). Tiger thorns should change the pots in spring and autumn, and put them in a cool and ventilated place after changing the pots.

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