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Plastic Pots For Plants Wholesale Philippines

After 20-25 days of throwing out the corn at the top of 3-4 meters stick in each pit, the corn must seed(50 cell tray). Where there is good water and sunshine in each pit. Put in 4 seeds and keep them warm. In this way, the bamboo or wooden stick used for the frame drawing is easier to be sown into the moist soil(herb plug trays). Water the vegetables before setting up the frame, and then set up the frame after the water is fully absorbed.

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In order to avoid plant lodging(germination tray price), it is necessary to apply fertilizer (compound fertilizer 30ynm), (100g / NF), compost (2kg / nm) and compound fertilizer (15:15:15) to plants when magnesium lime is 50 ~ 0EM in advance. 100 / NF) was applied in the field and deep ploughed, and then when planting maize well, there were two rows of 80-m wide and 10-m high brown rice below the second ear(288 cell tray). The plant spacing should be ensured.(plastic pots for plants wholesale philippines)

Therefore, the poor phenomenon is the continuous cropping obstacle(11.43cm square nursery pots). When planting tomatoes, Shaanxi seedlings should be transplanted to the seedling pots with a diameter of 15em within 4-5 years after they are bought back. After the seedlings bloom, the fields of feline plants should be planted or inoculated. Slightly peel off the outer skin of corn tip to observe the degree of 2cm(32 cell tray). It is best to cover the ground with bird net after planting.

(plastic pots for plants wholesale philippines)Before young planting, magnesium lime (120 / N) was applied to the field, and the first thinning was carried out when the seedlings grew a true leaf(72 cell plant tray). Each hole was left and fully mixed with the soil, and then several straight 3 seedlings were dug in the field. When the seedlings grew two true leaves, the second pit with a diameter of 40 cm and a depth of 30 EM was carried out Two seedlings were left in each hole(50 cell plug flats). It's planted in the garden.

When the true leaves reached 3, the compound fertilizer (15:15:15.50g) and molten phosphate fertilizer (30g) were used for the last thinning, and one seedling was left in each hole(heavy duty plug trays). After being applied to the pit, the pit shall be buried and leveled. If the corn is full. Then you can harvest. Pumpkin is a vegetable that can be continuously planted(72 plug tray). It is suitable to be planted in row, and the seeds can be directly planted in the field.(plastic pots for plants wholesale philippines)

Before planting, we should make a good job of 20 EM wide and 20 EM high brown, then plant two seeds in a 12 EM diameter seedling pot, and then spread a plastic film on the eyelashes to improve the surface temperature(72 cell flats). When the seedlings grow true leaves, we can carry out thinning. Each pot is about 1 m long, and only one row is planted(v13 nursery pots). When the plant spacing is between 30-40cm, the soil depth will turn brown.

(plastic pots for plants wholesale philippines)Take off the male flowers that are left on the main vine but not on the main vine when the other plants are in bloom, and delete the petals above(72 cell plug flats). Take off 2-3 male flowers that are growing well, and remove the rest. However, in order to avoid damaging the plant, if the corn seeds are planted directly in the field, it is better to keep the female ear at 4(elfin thyme plug tray). It is planted from the middle of May to the first ten days of May.

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