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People smell the fragrance when the essential oil molecules are volatile(bulk 4 gallon pots). Because the chemical components of essential oil in different petals of fragrant flowers are different, the fragrance of different kinds of flowers is different. The complex color flowers are because they contain different kinds of pigments(plastic plant pots bulk). They appear in different parts of the flowers. Petals are embedded with different pigment containing silver cells.

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Therefore, there are many colors on a flower, making it more colorful(1 gallon plant pots distributor). The smell that people smell is often made up of a variety of aromatic compounds. From the above statistics, it can be seen that the proportion of fragrant flowers in white flowers is the largest, followed by red and yellow, while in blue flowers, the fragrant flowers are the least, plum, Narcissus fragrance elegant(large plastic planters cheap): smile, night sweet fragrance far overflow.

(plastic pots for plants wholesale suppliers ecuador)Because white, yellow and red flowers are very conspicuous against the green leaves, easily recognized by insects(bulk 1.5 gallon pots), bees are most sensitive to white and yellow colors, butterflies are good at distinguishing red, so in natural selection, white, yellow and red flowers become more(plastic flower pots wholesale). Such as brandy, vegetable Li aroma: some flowers, barrels fragrance overflowing: Rose, osmanthus fragrance strong; Milan, evening jade fragrance thick.

For example, the fragrance of lilies is composed of more than 80 chemical components(2 gallon plant pots distributor): the aroma of rose is composed of more than 280 compounds. There are about 80 carotenoids, which are fat soluble substances, distributed in the heterochromatic body of cells, which leads to color differences(11cm plastic grow pots). Different fragrance can cause different reactions to people, and the same flower fragrance will not feel the same to different people.(plastic pots for plants wholesale suppliers ecuador)

Among many flowering plants, which color is the most fragrant? Some people have identified more than 4000 different colors of flowers(bulk 2 gallon containers). Among 1265 white flowers, fragrant flowers account for 20%: among 922 red flowers, fragrant flowers account for 17%; among 954 yellow flowers, fragrant flowers account for 14%; among 600 blue flowers, fragrant flowers account for 9%(plastic seed trays); among 309 kinds of purple flowers, fragrant flowers account for 13%.

(plastic pots for plants wholesale suppliers ecuador)In the process of perfume production(3 gallon nursery container wholesale price), different fragrance from different fragrant flowers is often identified as various fragrance types, such as white orchid, vegetable and Lily, gardenia and rose, etc. and different kinds of spices are processed and extracted from petals of different flavor types for cosmetics and food industry(nursery plant pots wholesale). Most of the leaves of flowers contain only chlorophyll in the epidermis cells, so the leaves are mostly green.

Green is the basic color of plant leaves, some of them will be excited, others will cause disgust(24 cell trays bulk); but the detailed observation has the differences of green, light green, fresh green, thick green, yellow green, red green, brown green, blue green, dark green and dark green(plastic garden pots wholesale). The color of leaves abandoned by flowers is mainly determined by chlorophyll, lutein, radish like, anthocyanin and other plant pigments contained in the leaves.

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