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Intercropping and intercropping can also advance the planting period of the next crop(propagation tray), extend the number of days of growth, and facilitate the selection of middle-late and mature varieties with long growth periods, so they can accumulate more dry matter and create conditions for high yield(flat plastic tray). Intercropping and intercropping corn and beans or potatoes and other crops can have a certain harvest in the early and flood conditions.

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In summer, when there is too much rain, due to high temperature and humidity, the single crop corn spot disease is often heavier(plug trays); while the intercropping corn with legume crops grows vigorously and is less susceptible. For example, in the history of the North China Plain, three crops have been used for two years(10cm plastic grow pots), and the cultivation method is winter wheat-summer corn (inter-soybean or sweet potato) -spring corn (sorghum, millet).(plastic potting containers wholesale suppliers usa)

In addition, in years when there is too much rain and serious corn, the monocropping corn often shows a reduction in yield(gallon nursery pots); and the intercropping of corn and soybean not only has less insect pests, but also the flourishing period of soybean flowering and bridal season is in the rainy season, which can meet the soybean's Demand, get a bumper harvest(seed starter trays). Reasonable intercropping can use the interspecies relationships in nature to alleviate certain diseases.

A double harvest of corn(gallon plant pot). At present, in the northern part of China, intercropping corn in winter or early spring crop fields, or intercropping late autumn crops such as sweet potatoes, vegetables, and green manure in corn fields can make full use of the gap between the previous crop rows, improve land utilization, and increase the multiple cropping index(black plastic plant pots). Overcharged. The corn planting area accounts for about 25% of the same corn area.

(plastic potting containers wholesale suppliers usa)At the same time, the climate in this area is warm, and the frost-free period is about 170 to 220 days from north to south(cell trays). The effective accumulated temperature is 4100 to 4700 ° C, which is suitable for the development of wheat and corn. Or mid-mature hybrids, and due to the consumption of agricultural time during the summer harvest, the heat is inevitably lost(32 cell seed trays wholesale). If the climate is abnormal, it will also affect the normal maturity of Wang Mi.

In some places, interplanting of vegetables, beans and corn is also used(square nursery pots). This planting method can not only increase the green area, make full use of space, extend the growing season, increase the multiple cropping index, but also Increase the grain output per unit area(nursery plant pots). As the small winter planting area expanded year by year, the two-year three-crop system was gradually changed to the winter wheat multiple cropping summer maize two-crop system.(plastic potting containers wholesale suppliers usa)

In areas where crop growth is short, there is more than one season, and two seasons are insufficient(plastic grow pots), if you use wheat and corn intercropping methods, you can use the seasons according to local conditions, advance the corn planting period, and avoid the disastrous weather. The North China Plain is the main corn-producing region in China, and Hebei, Shandong, Beijing and Tianjin, etc(105 cell seed trays wholesale). Therefore, corn is mainly intercropped with winter wheat or spring wheat and barley.

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