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The best viewing period for potted plants can be more than 3 years after forming. If the pots are not turned, the continuous planting should not exceed 2 years(plastic propagation trays wholesale suppliers ukraine). Both stem cutting and leaf cutting methods can achieve good reproductive effects. It’s best to choose longevity flowers with full-grown stem tips as cuttings(128 cell seedling trays). If you can maintain a high ambient temperature, you can raise seedlings throughout the year.

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Since semen grass is a CAM plant and can release oxygen at night, it is especially suitable for bedroom decoration(plastic propagation trays wholesale suppliers ukraine). In many parts of Europe, people often plant it on the roof. According to legend, it can avoid lightning strikes. Gardening classification: Semen grass is a kind of plant with thick leaves(105 cell propagation trays). As pigeons and other birds often Peck and bite its leaves, preventive measures should be taken at the place of placement.

Seedling cultivation: This kind of plant is mainly propagated by the ramification method, which is mostly carried out in the spring of each year(plastic propagation trays wholesale suppliers ukraine). Without shading, the plants can be exposed to normal sunlight immediately. After 4 ~ 6 weeks, most cuttings will develop into seedlings with longer new roots, and then they can be planted separately(16.5cm plastic plant pots). When the temperature is low, the leaves of the plant will turn reddish-brown. 

Main use: This plant is mostly planted in the ground and is suitable as a decorative material for rock gardens(11cm plastic plant pots). Longevity grass likes an environment with plenty of sunlight and can grow well in a semi-shady environment. It should be noted that the color of the leaves of this plant can be in the best condition when there is no direct sunlight(plastic propagation trays wholesale suppliers ukraine). Yingguo. The majority of seeds(v19 plastic pots). Seeding method can also be used to raise seedlings. 

Seedling cultivation: This kind of plant is mainly propagated by the support method, and it is mostly carried out in May to July each year. Don't worry if you encounter this situation. As the temperature rises, the color of the leaves will soon become normal(plastic propagation trays wholesale suppliers ukraine). Colonization shall be carried out when the seedlings begin to germinate new leaves(12 cell seed trays). Therefore, it should be updated in time to make it have better growth and plant shape.

Gardening classification: Longevity flowers are plants with thick leaves(plastic ground cover). The best viewing period can reach 2 ~ 3 years after seedling planting. The longevity flower that has been continuously planted for 3 years should be re inserted and propagated, otherwise the plant growth will be weaker and weaker, and the ornamental value will be significantly reduced(40 cell seed trays). Every autumn, the pot should be turned once for the formed plants(plastic propagation trays wholesale suppliers ukraine).

Therefore, it should not be placed near the indoor artificial light source at that time, but should be placed in an environment with the illumination time close to the sunrise and sunset of nature, so as to ensure its normal flowering(plastic propagation trays wholesale suppliers ukraine). It mainly likes warm environment, grows well in the temperature range of 18 ~ 26 ℃, and the overwintering temperature should not be lower than 5 ℃(18 cell seed trays). The plant height is 10 ~ 30 cm.

After cutting them, they should be dried in the shade for 1 to 2 days, so that the cuttings are not easy to rot and will Take root faster(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). cyme; small flower orange-red to crimson; stamen 8: ovary upper position. Flowering from February to May. Usually no results are seen under cultivation conditions(128 cell plug flats). Management points: Longevity flowers like a dry soil environment and are very drought-tolerant(plastic propagation trays wholesale suppliers ukraine). Each root can be kept at 3 to 4 cm in length. 

Except for proper watering during the vigorous growth period in summer and autumn, the pot soil should be kept in a dry state at ordinary times, otherwise it will be harmful to plant growth, especially This is especially true during the low temperature season in winter and spring(plastic propagation trays wholesale suppliers ukraine). It should be noted that longevity flower is a plant with short sunshine(15 gallon plant pots). If it receives too much light before flowering, it will affect its flowering. 

Fine sand can be used as a propagation substrate(plastic propagation trays wholesale suppliers ukraine). Uses: This plant is mostly potted for viewing, suitable for decorating indoor sunny places. It likes to be cool, resistant to cold, and grows well in the temperature range of 18~26℃. The winter temperature should not be lower than -12℃(4 cell plant trays). Under good management conditions, longevity grasses are less susceptible to disease and are less likely to be attacked by harmful animals.

Be careful not to water too much(20 cell seed trays). The difference from other flowers is that the longevity flower does not like a humid environment during the breeding stage, as long as the breeding soil is in a wet and dry state(plastic propagation trays wholesale suppliers ukraine). When the plant is 5-7 cm high, it should be topped once to promote branching and adjust the shape of the plant(50 cell seed trays). Its extensive management is especially suitable for lovers who are new to fleshy flower planting. 

Key points of management: perennial grass likes micro tide and dry soil environment, which is more drought resistant(112 cell seed trays). It should not be short of water at the stage of vigorous growth, but it should be dry and wet, so that the plant can grow better(plastic propagation trays wholesale suppliers ukraine). The demand for fertilizer is small(nursery seedling tray). In addition to applying an appropriate amount of base fertilizer during planting, topdressing can be applied once in spring, summer and autumn. 

Cultivation substrate: it has strong adaptability to soil, but if conditions permit, the basin soil can use the mixed substrate composed of rotten leaves, coarse sand and garden soil, and their proportion is 0.5:2:2 by volume(6 cell plant trays). Colonization method: potting. The cultivation container can be a medium-sized flowerpot(plastic propagation trays wholesale suppliers ukraine). Before planting, 2 ~ 3 grams of horseshoe pieces can be placed at the base of the flowerpot as base fertilizer.

In actual cultivation, Changshou flower will be damaged by powdery mildew, mosaic virus, leaf blight and other harmful animals such as scale insects and aphids(36 cell seed trays). As a cam plant, longevity flower can release oxygen at night, so it is beneficial to human health, so it is particularly suitable for decorating bedrooms. Morphological characteristics: perennial fleshy herb(20 gallon plant pots). Stem erect(plastic propagation trays wholesale suppliers ukraine). Leaves simple, opposite, elliptic, margin obtuse.

Beautification effect: longevity flower is a rare ornamental plant with compact plant shape, lush flowers, rich colors and easy management(8 cell seed trays). After continuous planting for 3 years, it is best to re support and insert seedlings for replacement, otherwise the long-lived flower seedlings will become weak and the ornamental value will decline(plastic propagation trays wholesale suppliers ukraine). Eggplant fruit vegetables are one of the most important fruits and vegetables in China. 

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