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Chemical control. Spray the medicine in time during the onset of the disease(9cm square plant pots). Commonly used agents are 100-150 times Bordeaux solution, or 65% dysenzine wettable powder 500 times, or 70% thiophanate methyl WP 1000 times solution, or 50% senzenium 600~800 times liquid(3 inch square pots). Spray once every 7~10 days, spray 2~3 times continuously, the effect is better. The control measures are as follows: reduce the source of infection.

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The bacteria overwinter on the remnants of the diseased plant with mycelium or conidia, and spread by wind and rain in the second year(1 gallon plastic flower pots). Continuous rain and rain, high planting density or potted plant density, poor ventilation and light transmission are all conducive to the occurrence of diseases(five gallon pot). Soon the blister broke and released a large amount of yellow-brown powder, that is, the urinifera of the pathogen. Continuous cropping or old root retention is serious. 

(plastic seed trays manufacturers middle east)Rust disease is a general term for flower disease caused by rust fungus infection in the order Puccinia, belonging to fungal disease(large black plastic flower pots). In late summer and early autumn, brown teliospore piles are produced on the back of the leaves. After the teliospore pile ruptures, a millet brown powder, that is, the teliospores of the pathogen, is emitted(5 inch succulent pot). Remove the diseased leaves in time; disinfect the pot soil, and use disease-free mother plants for root propagation.

Because rust is an obligate parasite with high variability and specialization(11 inch plastic plant pots), a rust species can include many varieties and physiological races, and the life history of rust can produce many kinds of spores, so the symptoms shown There are many kinds. For example, after a rose is infected, yellow spots appear on the front of the diseased leaf in late spring and summer, and orange urinifera piles are scattered on the back of the leaf(white plastic hanging baskets). Chemical control.(plastic seed trays manufacturers middle east)

Common hazards include aster, cineraria, calceolaria(polypropylene plant pots), four seasons primrose, calendula, dahlia, chrysanthemum, geranium, gloxinia, cyclamen, autumn sea case, carnation, gerbera, gladiolus, Du Peng, rose, hibiscus, camellia, fuchsia, milf, poinsettia, etc. But their common feature is the obvious orange to dark brown powder piles, tumors or hairs on the affected parts(plastic containers for plants wholesale). The severe disease often causes the whole chrysanthemum leaves to die.

(plastic seed trays manufacturers middle east)At the initial stage of chrysanthemum leaf infection, light yellow spots appeared on the leaf surface(7 inch plastic flower pots), and small discoloration spots were also produced on the corresponding leaf back, followed by yellowish-brown raised blisters, that is, the uriniferous piles of the pathogen. In the late stage of chrysanthemum growth(rapid rooter tray), most of the dark brown or black oval tumors grow on the back of the leaves, that is, the teliospore piles of the pathogen.

Although rust cannot kill the host plants, it often causes early deciduous leaves, yellow leaves, and fruit deformities(plastic growing containers), weakens the growth vigor, and reduces flower production and ornamental properties. The following measures can be used to prevent rust: reduce the source of infection. Remove diseased branches(4 gallon planter), diseased leaves and diseased buds and destroy them together. rust disease occurs on the leaves, fruits and branches of the host.(plastic seed trays manufacturers middle east)

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