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Plastic Seedling Plug Tray Manufacturers In USA

Before ploughing the land, apply 2-3 square meters/mu of decomposed chicken manure or 4-5 square meters/mu of high-quality decomposed manure(cell trays). After the kneading surface is leveled, the quick-acting fertilizer is applied. The application rate depends on the ground force. The medium fertility soil can be 20kg/mu of coated urea, 25kg/mu of diammonium phosphate, 30kg/mu of potassium sulfate or 100kg of controlled release compound fertilizer(18 cell plug trays supplier). Mu and other compound micro-fertilizer 5-8kg/mu.

The second time before the winter, the film was covered(plastic nursery pots). The first is to change the agglomerate structure of the soil, improve the soil environment for garlic growth, and improve quality and commerciality. Second, it can improve the anti-reverse performance of garlic, reduce the freezing damage of garlic, and cause dead seedlings. In order to ensure that the garlic reaches 5 leaves and 1 heart to 6 leaves before wintering, the garlic has strong cold resistance(20 cell plug trays supplier), so as to ensure the strong wintering of the seedlings.

(plastic seedling plug tray manufacturers in usa)Add microbial fertilizer. Less roots, garlic is a winter crop, like wheat, should be carefully and carefully poured over the winter water(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), so that garlic will be safe for winter. When watering, choose a clear weather after three to five days of continuous freezing before the sealing. The time should be small watering before 4 o'clock in the morning and no flooding(40 cell plug trays supplier). And timely clear the floating soil on the mulch, which is conducive to the garlic field to fully absorb the temperature of the sun.

The winter wind is large, and the mulch covered with garlic is inspected in time(plastic nursery pots wholesale). It is found that it has been picked up by the wind and should be repaired as soon as possible. Spraying amino acid foliar fertilizer and 99% high-purity potassium dihydrogen phosphate (phosphorus potassium source pool) before wintering can greatly improve the anti-freezing ability and wintering ability of garlic(104 cell plug trays supplier). Garlic "double film coverage" mode can effectively resist the freezing injury of garlic during winter.

The main technical points: the first time the film is planted. It is cultivated with conventional mulching film(wholesale nursery pots). Check the garlic field before the film is covered, and the garlic seedlings without the mulch film are hooked out with a wire hook. During the rejuvenation period, the second film is usually removed in early March of the following year. Check the mulch film in time to prevent it from being picked up by the wind(105 cell seed trays wholesale). After the flattening is fine (the clod diameter should be less than 3cm), do it.(plastic seedling plug tray manufacturers in usa)

After the heavy snow festival(black plastic nursery pots), or according to the forecast of the meteorological department, when the average temperature drops below zero, the garlic is above the dormant and stops growing, and a second film is applied. Since there are many northwest winds in winter, when the film is started, the east and west are filmed from the south and the north and south are from the east(sureroot plug trays bulk). Because the roots of garlic are shallow, it is possible to spray a “free-plowing” soil conditioner before sowing. 

(plastic seedling plug tray manufacturers in usa)Pay attention to the film, press the soil on both sides of the film, and do not overtighten, give the garlic a suitable space(seed planting trays wholesale). The mulch garlic is not convenient for top dressing, and should be based on base fertilizer. Fertilization should be based on farmyard manure, supplemented by chemical fertilizers, a small number of times, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, generally deep ploughing more than 20cm(200 cell seed trays wholesale), not immediately flattened after deep tillage, or extremely cold weather.

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