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If the pests and diseases in seedling surroundings develop to a serious degree(162 cell plug trays supplier), it will not only increase the difficulty of prevention and control, but also cause irreparable losses. Ground rupture roots are killed due to severe cold season, ground freezing cracking and pulling off the seedling root system, or being blown dry by the wind(lavender plug trays). The thickness of the buried soil should be more than 3-10 cm over Miao Jing.

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Therefore, in the prevention and control, it is necessary to master "treatment early, cure"(200 cell plant trays bulk). The technical preventive measures for seedling raising have already been mentioned above. The transplantation should be carried out on a rainy day. After the transplantation, water it in a timely manner and water it 1-2 times a day(deep propagation trays). Seedlings should not be set too late, otherwise it will reduce seedling growth, generally in the late stage of seedlings.

(plastic seedling plug trays manufacturers canada)Winter seedlings often have a large number of deaths in winter in situ(32 cell plant trays bulk). Analysis of the gland causes includes the following aspects. Physiologically dry early is usually mainly in early spring. In the early spring, due to the blowing of the early morning wind, the seedlings partly lost too much water on the ground, and the ground is frozen because the soil freezes(128 cell plug flats), the root system cannot absorb water, and the seedlings lose their water balance.

According to the experiment of the Bajiazi Forestry Bureau of Jilin Province, without any protection, the annual mortality rate of walnut seedlings planted only 2%(50 cell plant trays bulk). Freezing death caused the protoplasts of seedling cells to defrost and freeze due to severe cold, which damaged the condition of the cell group and caused death by losing physiological functions(rooting tray). Seedlings are often harmed by pests and diseases during their growth.(plastic seedling plug trays manufacturers canada)

And the one-year seedling of Korean pine is 31%, the three-year seedling is 10%(50 cell seed trays wholesale). The mortality rate of one-year-old seedlings of fish scale pine is 76%, and that of three-year seedlings is 36%. Therefore, early prevention measures should be taken for the wintering of seedlings such as Korean pine, spruce and fir(20cm plastic grow pots). The start time of burying seedlings should not be too early, bury them before the soil fills and freezes, and burying seedlings prematurely will rot.

(plastic seedling plug trays manufacturers canada)There are many ways to protect the seedlings during winter, such as burying the ground, covering the grass, setting up wind barriers and setting up the same method(seed planting trays wholesale). Buried in the north is the best. Buried method Buried method is the best way to prevent seedlings from drying out early(v15 nursery pots). Geophysical methods use the seedlings of most coniferous and broad-leaved species, such as red pine, spruce, fir, arborvitae, Chinese pine, acorn pine, ribose, and chestnut.

The prevention and control of diseases and insect pests must implement the principle of "prevention is more important than cure"(18 cell plug trays supplier). Liaoning Province, Beixin City, Meizi pine seedlings buried by the method of death rate is only 3%. Buried in soil can prevent a large amount of moisture in the ground of the seedlings, thus preventing the seedlings from dying due to early physiological drying(23cm plastic grow pots). High-growing seedlings can lie down and be buried with soil.

The soil for burying seedlings is generally the soil of the seedbed walkways or furrows(20 cell plug trays supplier). It is very important to store the soil removal time. Early withdrawal is still easy to physiological drought, and late withdrawal is easy to cover the seedlings and even rot. When the seedlings are about to start or before the seedlings start to grow, withdraw the covering soil in 2 times(nursery tray). Generally, the fill should be thin, 3-6 cm, and the sand should be thick.(plastic seedling plug trays manufacturers canada)

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