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Plastic Seedling Plug Trays Wholesale Price Netherlands

When the internal nutrients are converted into insoluble state, it is conducive to the storage of seeds(4 cell trays bulk). Because the time required for fat and protein to change into a usable state during respiration is longer than that of starch, and the energy released by respiration is also higher than that of starch, it consumes less per unit time, so the ratio of seeds containing more fat and protein is higher(soil block propagation trays). Seeds with a lot of starch have a long life.

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However, only fully mature seeds have hard and dense seed coats and low moisture content(6 cell trays bulk). Seeds with a lot of starch have a short life span, such as Fagaceae and Birch. Temperature is one of the main environmental conditions that affect the lifespan of seeds. The response of seeds to temperature varies with water content(10.5cm plastic grow pots). Seed is a porous capillary hydrophilic colloid, which can change its water content with the change of air relative humidity.

(plastic seedling plug trays wholesale price netherlands)When the moisture content of seeds is low, the moisture in the seeds is firmly combined with protein and starch, and cannot flow freely(8 cell trays bulk). They almost do not participate in metabolic activities and breathe. The effect is very weak, which is conducive to the preservation of seed vigor, and the water content of general seeds should be reduced to a safe water content during storage(best microgreen trays). The clarity of the seeds is not high and is not storable.

Damaged seeds are not stored properly, because the seeds are not protected by the seed coat, and the moisture in the air can enter the people freely, so that the respiration of the seeds is strengthened and the vitality of the seeds is reduced(12 cell trays bulk). The breathing intensity of the seeds increases with increasing temperature, which accelerates the consumption of stored materials and shortens the lifespan of the seeds(100mm plastic grow pots). Free water in the seeds will freeze and the vitality of the seeds will be lost.(plastic seedling plug trays wholesale price netherlands)

The life activity of seeds is within a certain temperature range (0-55 ° C)(18 cell trays bulk). Generally, the seed coat is thin and permeable, and the seeds with high protein and starch content are highly hygroscopic. When the temperature rises to 60 ℃, the activity range of the enzyme is exceeded, the respiration decreases sharply, the protein begins to solidify, and the seeds will die(lavender plug trays wholesale). For high-moisture type seeds, when the temperature is too low, the temperature will be below 0 ℃ for a long time.

(plastic seedling plug trays wholesale price netherlands)Without fully mature seeds, the moisture content is high, the nutrients inside the seeds are in a soluble state(36 cell trays bulk), the seed coat is not dense, and the protective tissue is not sound, so it is not easy to prevent the loss of water, and the internal soluble substances are also easy to ooze out of the seed coat and are susceptible Microbial infection is not conducive to the preservation of seed vitality(succulent propagation tray), the size of the seed and the content of the seeds.

During storage(40 cell trays bulk), when the moisture absorbed by the seeds from the air and the released water vapor reach equilibrium, the moisture content of the seeds at this time is called the equilibrium moisture content. The seeds of different tree species are affected by the relative humidity of the air due to the structure of the seed coat(plastic nursery pots suppliers). The lower the water content, the higher the temperature or the lower the temperature, the less harmful the seeds are.

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