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Plastic Seedling Plug Trays Wholesale Suppliers France

It is better to add different sizes of matrix layer by layer(plastic seedling trays), such as sand at the bottom and ceramsite at the top. In order to reduce the volume and workload of the container for storing nutrient solution, the mother liquor is usually prepared first and stored in a cool place. In winter, it can be poured once every 1-2 months(1 gallon pot). A bottle cap is made of foam plastic plate, and a hole is opened in the middle to fix flowers and plants and cover the bottle cap.

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Among them, the mother liquor prepared with 50 times of large amount of elements is stored in one container(plug flats wholesale), and the mother liquor of 1000 times of trace elements is stored in another container. Do not mix the two mother liquor to avoid precipitation. Therefore, it should be mastered according to the types of flowers(branded plant pots). It can be cultivated in any place, even in desert, wasteland and other barren areas, as well as in the places with little or no land.(plastic seedling plug trays wholesale suppliers france)

When preparing nutrient solution(plastic succulent pots), first of all, read the formula to understand the amount of various compounds, the concentration of elements, the purity of compounds, etc. All compounds should be weighed accurately. When dissolving salts, add water first and mix well. After the nutrient solution is prepared, the value should be adjusted(10x20 growing trays). In soilless culture, most of the flowers grow best in the acidic nutrient solution of 5.5 ~ 6.5, and different plants are different.

(plastic seedling plug trays wholesale suppliers france)In use, the value of P should be reduced about 1 after 1-2 weeks of culture, which should be adjusted timely(nursery pots canada). The concentration of nutrient solution used in soilless culture is generally about 2 grams of dry mixture per liter of water. However, different kinds of waste flowers are different(5 gallon pots cheap). Because the substrate of soilless culture itself is almost non nutrient, it can only rely on watering nutrient solution to meet the needs of plant growth.

Soilless cultivation is not limited by the local soil and water conditions(1.5 gallon plant pot). If the amount is too much, the flowers can not be absorbed, and sometimes even cause poisoning; on the contrary, if the amount is insufficient, it can not play a role in promoting growth. Spring and summer are the peak seasons for the growth of abandoned flowers, and the amount of fertilizer required is large(cheap potting pots). Generally, it is sprayed once every 7-10 days.(plastic seedling plug trays wholesale suppliers france)

In autumn, the amount of fertilizer should be reduced gradually, and it can be irrigated once a month(6 inch plastic nursery pots). In use, according to the amount, take a certain amount of mother liquor diluted into water, then pouring. Usually only water. In addition to substrate cultivation, hydroponics can also be used for some flowers(mini plastic flower pots), such as evergreen, cold water flower, Narcissus, hyacinth, four seasons Autumn Sea Purple, Chlorophytum, purple duck dance grass, green pineapple, etc.

(plastic seedling plug trays wholesale suppliers france)Shading is conducive to root growth and can avoid algae breeding(cheap nursery pots). If the P nozzle value is too high and the nutrient solution is alkaline, proper amount of sulfuric acid or acetic acid can be added for correction. If the value is too low and the nutrient solution is slightly acidic, it should be corrected by adding appropriate amount of sodium hydroxide(square plastic plant pots uk). The amount of infusion should be determined according to the size of plant and the volume of flower body.

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