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Plastic Seedling Plug Trays Wholesale Suppliers Philippines

Including all kinds of nursery stock area, soil fertility indicators, soil type(nursery tray price). The area of all kinds of seedlings can be measured on the spot, its main function is to provide basic data for the calculation of the number and growth of seedlings per unit area, labor per unit area, fertilizer use per unit area and other indicators(4.33inch plastic nursery pots). This is because reasonable land filling cultivation can play a good role in three aspects.

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The main function is to formulate the amount of fertilization and production varieties according to the difference in soil fertility and type of each block, and provide the basis for the production of unit area(v12 nursery pots). The growth of seedlings in that year is compared with the growth in previous years, combined with the records of plowing, weeding and fertilization, you can find the reason for the high or low growth(20 cell trays bulk).(plastic seedling plug trays wholesale suppliers philippines)

During the growth process of seedlings 3-4 months after seedling emergence(mushroom growing trays), due to natural factors, diseases and insect pests and human factors caused a certain number of deaths, it is necessary to investigate the seedling preservation rate, to provide a quantitative basis for the evaluation of seedling management(4.72inch plastic nursery pots). The soil strength and soil type are determined by the laboratory method. Survival rate survey can be conducted once in the following three periods.

(plastic seedling plug trays wholesale suppliers philippines)In addition, it includes the amount of fertilization per unit area, labor and mechanical work(propagation trays for cuttings). The fertilization per unit area is based on the statistical summary of the operation records, and the total fertilization amount of each variety in a production cycle is counted, and then divided by the area to obtain the fertilization amount per unit area(50 cell seed starter trays), which can be divided into plots and fertilization types and classified. 

It is most ideal to use surface water from flow irrigation(small plastic hanging baskets). When using groundwater, it is advisable to set up a reservoir to increase the water temperature. Water wells should be located in high places. The method of measuring the amount of tools per unit area and the amount of mechanical work is the same as above(72 cell seed starter trays). In the specific measurement process, it is necessary to make statistics according to operation objects and operation types.

When a large-scale Miaoyang is equipped with multiple wells, the wells should be evenly distributed in the areas where the seedlings block(greenhouse trays and pots), in order to shorten the distance between diversion and delivery. Generally, the surface water temperature is higher, which is similar to the soil temperature in the cultivation area, the water quality is good(18 cell seed starting trays), and contains certain nutrients, which is conducive to the growth of seedlings.(plastic seedling plug trays wholesale suppliers philippines)

Due to the loose soil layer, the permeability of the soil is strengthened, which can fully absorb precipitation and reduce surface runoff(thermoform pots). For the first time, after the transplantation of seedling-level seedlings, the survey method can be sampling or overall survey, and the survey results are compared with the expected survival rate(20 cell seed starting trays). Long-term production practice tells us that the deep cultivation of the soil is one of the important ways to ensure the high yield of strong seedlings.

(plastic seedling plug trays wholesale suppliers philippines)On the other hand, the capillary is cut to form an isolation layer, which reduces the evaporation of water, so it can improve the soil water storage and retention ability and early resistance(v10 nursery pots). Due to the loose soil layer, the air permeability of the soil is strengthened, and the non-capillary pores are increased, thus strengthening the gas of the soil(40 cell seed starting trays). The exchange allows the seedlings and grains system to breathe enough oxygen to expel excess carbon dioxide.

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