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Plastic Seedling Plug Trays Wholesale Suppliers Poland

In the seed garden of Pinus tabulaeformis in Xingcheng, Liaoning, we have based on the characteristics of the color of the male and male bulbs when they bloom(square nursery pots), the shape of the cones, the length, thickness, and characteristics of the needles, the color, and the degree of branch bending The clones were morphologically identified, and a sample table was compiled for the identification of clones, that is, about 200-250 plants per hectare(black plastic plant pots).

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The purpose of selecting the excellent tree is very clear(plastic grow pots). Generally, only individuals that meet the current production needs are selected, and no single plants or types that may have potential value are collected. However, considering the collection of breeding resources, such resources should be collected appropriately and representatively(nursery plant pots). There are many variations within the same tree species, especially the wide geographical distribution.(plastic seedling plug trays wholesale suppliers poland)

If the branches are thick and straight, that is, plants with large biological scenes and poor materials can be considered for collection(gallon nursery pots). If the setting of the sampling point in the provenance test is reasonable, it is representative in itself. The breeding resources collected must be properly preserved to avoid loss of genetic resources(flat plastic tray). But only when there is a correlation between morphological types and economic traits, such variations have practical value.

The provenance at the edge of a tree species distribution area can adapt to the extreme ecological conditions in the distribution area due to natural selection under extreme environmental conditions(propagation tray), while the provenance in the central area has complex genetic components and has many excellent economic traits and Adaptability, therefore, we should pay attention to the central provenance when collecting breeding resources(105 cell plant trays bulk). Generally considered.

(plastic seedling plug trays wholesale suppliers poland)According to the growth performance, one view is to randomly arrange the seed collection of the mother tree: another view is to select the seed collection of the mother tree according to the performance of economic traits(gallon plant pot). According to most existing studies, there is no correlation between adaptability and stress resistance and traits such as dry shape and growth, and the inheritance of various traits is relatively independent(large plastic terracotta pots).

Within the same collection point, how to determine the collection of the mother tree? There are three main ways to save(plug trays). In situ conservation refers to the protection of natural forests, or the use of seedlings of protected forests to build new forests nearby. According to its nature, such forest stands should not be subject to human intervention(128 cell plant trays bulk), but due to the natural hardship of the forest stands, the forest stand structure that people need cannot be preserved.

Choose between writers and families to remove inferior plants and retain 10% of the number of planted plants by 20-25 years(162 cell plug trays supplier). From a genetic point of view, if the area of the protected forest is larger, the number of genetic components preserved is good, but the effect is large(seed starter trays). It is generally believed that thousands of plants already contain the required genetic components. This is a widely used preservation method, especially suitable for preservation of natural ecosystems.(plastic seedling plug trays wholesale suppliers poland)

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