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In addition to the matrix ratio(72 cell plug flats), the factors that affect the completeness of seedling roots and tufts also include vegetable varieties, seedling age, and cultivation measures. There are no literatures to indicate that special research is conducted on the specifications of the plug trays(13cm plastic grow pots). The number of holes in the plug trays can be selected according to the needs of the growers. In mid-August in Henan, Chinese cabbage was planted in the open air. 

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For hole trays, choose a hole tray size of 105 or more holes under 6 true leaves(herb plug trays). Eggplants have a longer seedling age and most are grafted seedlings. If autumn eggplant cultivation is not grafted, the seedling age is 30~35 days, and 4~5 leaves are used for colonization(4.5inch square nursery pots). In addition to fruit vegetables, there are many other varieties of vegetables planted in seedling transplanting mode, such as cabbage, cabbage, celery, lettuce, onion, etc. 

(plastic seedling plug trays wholesale suppliers vietnam)It is appropriate to choose a 50~72 hole hole tray. Tomatoes, eggplants, early cabbage seedlings mostly use 72-hole trays; peppers and mid-late blues mostly use 128-hole trays; spring seedlings use 288-well trays, and summer seeds and celery use 288-well trays or 200-well trays, and other vegetables For example, the summer-sowing eggplant and autumn cauliflower all use 128-hole trays(4.5inch deep square pots). Most of them are cultivated with hole trays of 50-72 holes.

Compared with fruit vegetables, the plug type seedlings of these vegetable varieties are relatively plant type Smaller, the specifications of the plug also need to be adjusted accordingly(32 cell tray). It is appropriate to use a 105-hole plug tray for summer and autumn seedlings of cabbage; a 72 or 105-hole black plug tray for broccoli seedlings in summer and autumn is more conducive to the development of seedling roots(14cm plastic grow pots), and the seedling height of plug tray seedlings is 12~18 cm.

At this time, the high temperature and excessive rain often affected and inhibited the growth of Chinese cabbage seedlings(v13 nursery pots), which led to a reduction in production in the later period. Around mid-September, the planting of large seedlings in mid-September can extend the growth period of Chinese cabbage(seedling trays wholesale), and miss the high incidence of soft rot disease of Chinese cabbage after colonization, increase yield and reduce pathogen damage.(plastic seedling plug trays wholesale suppliers vietnam)

In recent years(288 cell tray), celery seedlings generally adopt 128-200 hole plug tray specifications, calendar seedling age is 50-80 days, physiological seedling age is 4-6 leaves; the planting density of head lettuce is generally 630000~67500 plants/hm2. 345~375 plates/hm2 (200 holes/disk) or 570~600 plates/hm2 (128 holes/disk). Common seedling raising methods for vegetables include plug tray seedling raising(seed starting trays supplier), floating seedling raising, and tidal seedling raising.

(plastic seedling plug trays wholesale suppliers vietnam)There is no literature in the winter and spring stubble nursery technology for eggplants and peppers(50 cell plug flats). With the increase of labor cost, more and more growers choose the method of mechanical transplanting for vegetable production, which puts forward higher requirements for plug seedlings(seed propagation trays). In order to better adapt to the needs of existing transplanting machinery, it is recommended to select 72-128 holes for vegetable seedling plug tray specifications.

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