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The common ones include yellow thorn moth, flat thorn moth, green thorn moth, brown edge green thorn moth, mulberry brown thorn moth and so on(planting trays wholesale). Two generations occur in Cicheng a year, and the young larvae eat only leaf flesh, leaving the veins and eating the leaves into a net(98 cell plug trays). After the larvae grow up, they eat the leaves into nicks, leaving only the main veins and petioles.

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Leaf-eating pests generally have chewing mouthparts, which mainly eat leaves, buds and flower buds, leaving the leaves incomplete and causing wounds such as holes(1.5 gallon nursery pots). Adults emerge day and night and have strong phototaxis. Control method: peel off the cocoons, remove the insect leaves at the beginning, and burn them(5 gallon plastic nursery pots). Common species include big bag city, tea bag city, white sac bag moth, and saccharomycete.(plastic seedling pots wholesale suppliers panama)

During the larval damage period, spray liquor with 50% phoxim emulsion or 50% malathion emulsion at 1000 times(72 cell plug trays), or 80% dichlorvos emulsion at 1000 to 1500 times, which has good control effect. This kind of pests live in the soil and feed on newly germinated seeds or plant roots, stems and sprouts, etc.(polystyrene plug plant trays), often causing serious losses to seedlings and flower production. larvae are called wax, and they are underground pests.

(plastic seedling pots wholesale suppliers panama)Bag city category: commonly known as cloth bag insects and skin insects(1 gallon plastic nursery pots). The larvae are milky white and spin silk to make a sac. They live in it and feed. After the larvae hatch, they make new sacs and continue to eat leaves. The most severe damage is from June to August. They slow the leaves or several leaves together, hiding in them and biting the leaves(4 inch plastic pots bulk). Pests with chewing mouthparts that feed on plant leaves.

Noctuids: Control method: manual removal of worm cysts(long life propagation trays): in the early stage of larval damage, the insect population is relatively concentrated, promptly remove the insect leaves, and focus on destruction: in the larval colonization period or the larval early stage, spray 90% trichlorfon or malathion emulsion 1000 times liquid has good control effect(2.5 inch square plastic pots). Young larvae are easy to fall to the ground when they are startled.(plastic seedling pots wholesale suppliers panama)

Because the worm is protected by a protective capsule and the medicine is difficult to penetrate(rootmaker propagation trays), it is necessary to spray more liquid or increase the amount of medicine when spraying, and the effect of spraying when the larvae eats in the evening is good. There is silk on the sac, which moves with the wind to harm(2 gallon pots wholesale). The larvae overwinter in the sac, and emerge as adults after vernalization, and the eggs are laid in the sac.

(plastic seedling pots wholesale suppliers panama)The main species of noctuids that damage flowers are silver-striped noctuids, oblique this night-nen, and sphagnum spiculata(nursery tray manufacturers). Mainly harm chrysanthemum, dahlia, aster, bunch of red, canna, carnation, rose and other flowers. The larvae eat leaves and flowers, and in severe cases they bite the leaves into many holes and nicks(bulk buy plastic plant pots). The larvae lurk on the back of the leaf during the day and feed on it at night or on a cloudy day.

Control method(one gallon pot): Manually remove egg masses and leaves damaged by newly hatched larvae, which can reduce insect population density: use the phototaxis of adults and trap and kill with black light; when the initial larvae are found, spray 50% phoxim emulsion 1200~1500 times or 90%. % Trichlorfon 1000 times solution. Rolling leaf city: its larvae are harmful by rolling leaves(plastic bonsai pots wholesale). There are many species and wide distribution.(plastic seedling pots wholesale suppliers panama)

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