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Plastic Seedling Tray Wholesale Price North Carolina

The shape of the basin depends on the shape of the tree(2.5inch square nursery pots), such as straight dry, double dry, inclined dry, etc. it is suitable to choose rectangular or oval basin, curved dry type can choose Begonia or manger basin; cliff type can use deep thousand tube basin or deep square or round basin(1.5 gallon plant pot); large bonsai can use alunite, marble and other chisel basin; small bonsai can also choose glazed pottery basin. 

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Pinus taiwanensis is suitable for acid sandy loam soil with pH value between 4.5 and 5.5(seed starting trays supplier). Neutral soil or slightly acidic soil also grows well. According to the needs of the tree shape in the future, it is necessary to remove the bare branches, Cross branches, parallel branches and redundant branches(seed starting trays wholesale). If any, cut them off and apply wax or paint on the wound to avoid resin overflow.(plastic seedling tray wholesale price north carolina)

In order to survive as soon as possible, it is necessary to bring clay ball with the transplanting(3.5inch square nursery pots). Before planting, check whether there are damaged roots, rotten roots and overlong main roots. In the second year, cut off the main root, go down to the ground again, and adjust the modeling posture to promote multiple lateral roots(greenhouse pots). The shallow basin is padded with plastic gauze mesh on the basin hole. 

(plastic seedling tray wholesale price north carolina)It is better to select the wild seedlings of Pinus taiwanensis with thick and short growth in the wild, and the ones with curly branches and short and dense needles are suitable for later basin modeling(seed propagation trays). Therefore, it is generally appropriate to choose the purple sand pottery basin with simple shape and deep color, usually shallow basin(heavy duty gallon pot).  Pinus taiwanensis is usually pruned in combination with the upper basin.

Pines should not be wet, so the bottom of the basin should be filled with broken tiles or charcoal, covered with a layer of coarse sand(4.5inch square nursery pots). The deep thousand tube basin can be filled to 1 / 3 of the height to facilitate ventilation and drainage. Water should be sprayed once or twice a day to keep the surface soil moist(cheap nursery pots). It is suitable to plant Pinus taiwanensis from March to April, and it can be planted after autumn.(plastic seedling tray wholesale price north carolina)

When planting, dry soil should be used(plastic cell trays supplier), the soil at the root should be fully filled, the pot should be shaken, the bamboo stick should be used to remove the soil, the moss should be spread, the water should be poured once, and the soil should be placed in the shade. To control water and nutrients, reed curtain should be used for shading in hot summer season(6 inch plastic nursery pots. It should be uncovered late and covered early.

(plastic seedling tray wholesale price north carolina)After 2 years of cultivation, it becomes a good material for bonsai(4.5inch deep square pots). The posture of Pinus taiwanensis is natural and elegant, ancient and wild, and natural and changeable. The whole posture of Pinus taiwanensis is mainly composed of climbing and binding, supplemented by pruning(nursery pots canada). After about 10 days, the soil should be gradually moved to the sunny place, but it should not be exposed to the strong light.

According to the needs of modeling, it is necessary to first climb and tie the trunk, and then properly hang the branches(plastic potting pots). It only needs simple processing, and it does not need to be too trivial and complicated. It will be reshaped year by year later. The stumps of Pinus taiwanensis collected in the wild can be processed in the basin after 1-2 years of embryo cultivation(plastic succulent pots). It can be made of brown or metal wire.(plastic seedling tray wholesale price north carolina)

The wire is the most convenient and easy to master, but it should be removed in time after shaping to avoid the phenomenon of "wire entrapment" and damage to branches(seedling trays wholesale). It can also be cultivated in the open, once a year for modeling and processing. After a few years, it can be shaped and appreciated(heavy duty plant pots). Pruning of Pinus taiwanensis should be carried out at the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

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