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Plastic Seedling Trays Wholesale Suppliers Dominicana

Deciduous tree, straight and beautiful trunk(15 cell trays bulk), branch rotation and flattening, bark scale cracking; branchlets have long and short branches, long branches have leaf pillow, short branches are like distance(plastic plant pots bulk); leaves are linear, flat and soft, scattered on long branches, short branches are clustered like money. It belongs to Pinaceae and Lysimachia. 

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In late autumn, the leaves are golden yellow, very beautiful, so it is called "jinqiansong"(98 cell trays bulk). It is an endemic tree species in China and an ancient seed plant. Now it is listed as the key protected tree species in China. Jinqiansong, a subtropical tree species, is native to China. Usually, it can germinate after 15-20 days(112 cell trays bulk). It is necessary to uncover the grass in time and spray 1% Bordeaux solution to prevent seedling Damping off.(plastic seedling trays wholesale suppliers dominicana)

Acanthopanax amabilis(var.nana Biess), a clump of low shrubs, 30-100 cm high, suitable for making bonsai(21 cell trays bulk). The dwarf shrub is about 50-60 cm high, with a cone-shaped crown and elegant posture. It is an excellent material for making Bush style pine bonsai. Lysimachia pendula(var.anneleyana Hornibr), a dwarf shrub, 1-2 meters high(nursery plant pots wholesale), with dense branches, flat and gentle lateral branches, and the trees are in good shape.

(plastic seedling trays wholesale suppliers dominicana)It is distributed in southern Jiangsu, southern and Western Anhui, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan, Western Hubei, Eastern Sichuan and other provinces(105 cell trays bulk). It is vertically distributed below 1000 meters above sea level. It likes light and is suitable for warm and humid climate. It requires deep and fertile neutral soil or slightly acidic sandy loam with good drainage(288 cell trays bulk). In dry and barren land, it grows slowly and is often capped early.

From June to August, it is necessary to build a shed for shading, which can withstand slightly lower temperature - 10 ℃, but not drought, and the annual precipitation should be more than 1000 mm(32 cell trays bulk). Saline alkali soil and waterlogged depression are not suitable for growth, if the waterlogging time is a little longer, it is easy to cause defoliation, and even root rot and death(plastic flower pots wholesale). Generally, sowing method is used for seedling propagation.(plastic seedling trays wholesale suppliers dominicana)

In order to cultivate strong seedlings, thin and rotten cake fertilizer and water should be added and the shade should be removed(162 cell trays bulk). Before sowing, the seeds should be put into 40 ℃ warm water (natural cooling), soaked for one day and night, sown on the sandy loam seedbed with deep loose soil layer and rich organic matter, and sprayed with 3% ferrous sulfate solution(16.5cm plastic grow pots). Water and fertilizer should be managed frequently.

(plastic seedling trays wholesale suppliers dominicana)The seedlings should stay in bed for one year, and the next year should be combined with the seedlings to change beds(50 cell trays bulk). 2-3-year-old seedlings up to 20-30 cm can be planted in pots. The soil should be completely loosened and weeding should be carried out. After September, the summer heat gradually dissipated, and entered the vigorous growth period(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots). In early spring, the seeds should be sown from late February to early March.

When changing beds, part of the main roots should be cut off to promote the growth and development of lateral roots(200 cell trays bulk). The roots should take more soil to maintain mycorrhiza. Basin selection: purple sand pottery basin or glazed pottery basin is suitable for jinqiansong.  Because of the mycorrhizal tree species of Lysimachia christinae(large plastic planters cheap), after sowing, it was covered with burnt mud mixed with mycorrhizal soil, and then covered with straw.

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