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Plastic Seedling Trays Wholesale Suppliers Nigeria

In addition, when spraying elements that are not easy to move(seed cell trays), such as iron, zinc, manganese, copper, boron, molybdenum, calcium and so on, it is better to spray 2-3 times continuously. Cake fertilizer is the residue of oil-bearing crop seeds, such as soybean cake, peanut cake(21 cell propagation trays wholesale), cottonseed cake, rapeseed cake and so on. Its composition often varies with different raw materials and processing methods.

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When the leaf fertilizer is applied, the mixed fertilizer solution (concentration is 0.2% to 0.4%) can be filtered(128 cell trays), and the positive and negative sides of the leaf should be sprayed with a small hole watering pot or sprayer. The time is in the morning or evening. After irrigation, attention should be paid to timely irrigation(14 gallon nursery pots wholesale), so as not to cause local soil fertilizer concentration is too high, causing "burning flowers".

(plastic seedling trays wholesale suppliers nigeria)When it is used to cut flowers in pots, the cake fertilizer can be made into small particles and buried at the edge of the pot(seedling trays), so the fertilizer effect is longer. If the liquid fertilizer is used to water flowers, the following points must be paid attention to: the liquid fertilizer must be fully fermented and decomposed, otherwise it must not be applied(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The family raises the flower, may homemade bone meal.

It is a compound fertilizer with more nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium(v14 nursery pots). The results showed that the formula of compound flower fertilizer for promoting flower and fruit was 500g, 100g superphosphate, 1g ferrous sulfate, 2G nitrate sand, 0.25g manganese sulfate, 0.25g zinc sulfate and 0.5g copper sulfate. Before application, beef and sheep bone(15 gallon pots distributor), attention must be paid to fermentation and decomposition before use.(plastic seedling trays wholesale suppliers nigeria)

For topdressing, it is necessary to add 10 times of water first, put it into a closed container for fermentation(plug plant trays), and then take the supernatant from the upper layer and dilute it with 10-15 times of water before application. If the cake fertilizer is directly applied without decomposition(injection molded nursery pots), it will burn the root system due to the high temperature produced during the fermentation and decomposition of cake fertilizer in the soil.

(plastic seedling trays wholesale suppliers nigeria)The effect of spraying on new leaves was the best(farm tray). Spraying should pay attention to both sides of the leaf, and spraying the back of the leaf, nutrient absorption will be faster. The sesame sauce residue bought from the manufacturer or the market is placed in the VAT (barrel), mixed with 5 times the amount of water(15 cell propagation trays wholesale). In the hot summer day, about half a month later, it can be fermented into a rotten slurry.

The specific method is: put the leftover pig bone, chicken and duck bone, fish bone, etc.(288 plug tray), soak in water for 1-2 days, and repeatedly wash to remove salt, and then put it into a pressure cooker for 20-30 minutes, remove the fat, dry and smash, dish into fine powder. It contains 75% ~ 85% organic matter(bulk 20 gallon pots), 2% ~ 7% ammonia, 1% ~ 3% phosphorus (P-03) and 1% ~ 2% potassium (K0), then covered, placed in the sunlight.(plastic seedling trays wholesale suppliers nigeria)

When it is applied, it is mixed with water according to a certain proportion (about 20 ~ 30 times), and then a thick brown liquid fertilizer of sesame sauce residue is made(soil block trays). As sesame sauce residue liquid fertilizer contains rich quick acting fertilizer, it is necessary to avoid pouring liquid fertilizer on the branches, leaves, flowers and fruits of flowers(14 gallon pots distributor). If it is not carefully poured on it, it should be washed off with water in time.

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